• Ready. Plan. Action…

    Am frantically trying to convince myself to start cycling to uni, but the snow/ice/frost/wind and generally brrrrr weather is pretty off-putting right now.  Also trying to organise time effectively as have hand-ins and exams on the horizon.  So far have made a plan (something along the lines of research, write up, revise), to be put […]

  • January blues and resolutions

    Holidays are brilliant, until they end, which is when you realise the looming deadlines and the threat of exams on the horizon. I think January is the worst. Now that the holidays are over, winter just isn’t fun anymore, and I miss the sun! First of all there are New Year resolutions. Now, what is […]

  • Happy holidays :D

    Wooooosh!!!… I can’t believe how quickly semester 1 passed by! The last time I spent xmas at home was 2010, so I’m super happy to be home and wasn’t even fazed by a 4 hour train delay… luckily I had mittens and a very warm coat 😀 I’m especially looking forward to my mum’s cooking, […]

  • The beginning of systems teaching

    The medicine course at Dundee has been designed to integrate clinical and scientific skills.  Last week was the beginning of our first system module, the respiratory system, and so far it promises to be interesting!  I also feel more like a proper medical student. Before the systems teaching we had a module on scientific principles, […]

  • The story so far…

    Seven weeks into university, and what have I done? or, more to the point, what haven’t I done?Studying has been hectic, with lectures, labs and learning usually 9-5, weekends and evenings spent attempting to balance out coursework and a social life. So far I’ve had to hand in an essay, a project and give two […]

  • Studying – the membrane transport model

    I can’t believe how quickly September has gone by. I seem to be getting over my cold – I thought this last weekend, before it came back with a vengeance 🙁  Practically everyone I know is ill at the moment, and I think that most students will be feeling rubbish at some point in their […]

  • First weeks of term!

    Oh wow. Two weeks in, have already taken part in a group presentation, listened to hours (and hours) of lectures and I’ve almost used up an entire A4 notepad… The good news:  Lectures have been excellent, there is quite a bit of work but I’m finding everything so interesting!  Also getting to know people has […]

  • Feelings about starting University…

    Freshers’ Week has begun! The last time I was a Fresher I partied almost every night, stayed up late chatting to my new flat mates and spent the mornings nursing hangovers and attempting to remove my make-up from the night before.   This time things couldn’t be more different.  For a start I haven’t been […]

  • myDundee

    Vfndmedufdheuihy! This week the dundee student site mydundee had been updated! There was a lot of information to take in, welcome messages, pre-arrival and matriculation instructions, recommended textbooks, and some lecture and course dates.  I’ve been on the site every evening to become familiar with the sections.  Some I will need to be checking every […]

  • Feminism?

    This is the first time I’ve ever written a blog, so I did a bit of research on the internet to find out what sort of thing people usually write about, let’s say for inspiration. I enjoyed most of the fashion and style blogs I read, and I have a feeling that come Halloween I’ll […]