• Dundee Comics Expo

    On Saturday all hands were on deck as I was working at the Dundee Comics Expo; the mini convention taking place across from Dee Con 2014. It was fun to arrive early on in the day and see the Cosplayers roll up en-mass to queue for entry to Dee Con.  There were some really fun […]

  • Comics Day Out

    It may be the busiest time of the academic year as far as deadlines are concerned – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while learning, right?! Us Comics Studies MLitt-ers certainly like to think that’s the case anyway, and on Monday we took a class trip to Glasgow where we visited Hope Street […]

  • Time Bomb

    With our reading week rolling round already (already!!?!) and deadlines looming, I’m once again reminded of the importance of time management.  You’d think in my 5th year of University study, I’d have figured it’s a significant part of student life if you want to keep on top of deadlines – but what can I say?! I […]

  • Right Back At It Again

    One week in, and the calm of Christmas and excitement of Hogmanay is already a distant blurry memory! We’ve only been back in classes one week and I have already handed in coursework – no rest for the wicked has become my Master’s catchphrase!   I’m really looking forward to this semester though – despite the […]

  • Thought Bubble

    After a few weeks of essay preparation and presentation work, the MLitt Comics Studies students set off to Leeds this weekend for Thought Bubble – Leeds’ own Comic Con.  Brace yourselves, there’s a long post ahead! We set off on our long coach ride from Dundee bus station at 9.30am, with a brief cross-over in […]

  • Dundee Comics Day

    Sunday in the Tower Building saw a celebration of Starblazers at Dundee Comics Day; an annual event where some of the greatest comics creators discuss their work and show off their talent. This year focused on British creators of Science-Fiction comics, covering everything from Doctor Who and Star Wars to Transformers and Commando. For us […]

  • Reading Week Adventures

    Thank goodness for rail cards! I’ve spent my Reading Week the only way I know how – doing anything but reading! Last weekend I took a trip down to Glasgow to visit friends from my undergrad course and catch up on all the news and gossip from the central belt!  A lot of pizza and […]

  • The Enchanted Forest

    Wow.  Where have the past few weeks gone?! I should begin by apologising for my absence.  My time has been filled with making full use of the Comics Studio – in and out of class.  It’s really great to have an environment where we can study for our course and bounce creative ideas off of […]

  • Cam Kennedy Comics Studio.

    Yesterday afternoon saw the opening of the Cam Kennedy Comics Studio at the university, opened by Cam Kennedy himself!  Cam is a highly influential comics artist, who has worked on titles such as Judge Dredd and Star Wars as well as a reworking of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped, so it was very exciting to go […]


  • Avengers Assemble!: Getting started in Comics Studies.

    With Fresher’s Week flying past us, it’s finally time to settle down and get to grips with our courses; and I for one couldn’t be more excited about embarking on my Postgraduate adventure in Comics Studies. Matriculation on Friday posed as a great mixer for fellow postgraduate students in the Humanities department as we met […]