• planes, trains, and automobiles.

    Just as my fellow bloggers are settling in and exploring Dundee, I appear to have spent the last couple of weeks doing anything but!  I’m a keen traveller, and often get itchy feet staying in one place too long.  That is one of my favourite aspects of Dundee though; not only is it a great […]

  • Home Sweet (New) Home

    Moving to Dundee this year, I had a decision to make.  Where to live?  With my parents living twenty minutes from Dundee, I could have easily moved back in with them.  But after four years of independent living, working to my own timetable, eating when I want, and not feeling bad about getting home noisily […]

  • Hello!

    New city.  New friends.  New life.  Didn’t I do this already four years ago?! Hi, I’m Kirsten.  I’m returning to the Dundee area after four years at the University of Glasgow, where I got myself a very nice MA Joint Honours Degree in English Literature and History.  I’ll be clinging desperately to student life here […]