• Right! Life Drawing…

    Life drawing after sitting at a desk all week was….tiring on the eyes? A great experience to be taught by Louise Johnstone, really helped me to see what I was drawing. Mark making, a word you’ll hear a lot at Art College, I’m never drawing anything, always making marks. Which during the life drawing classes […]

  • So..first week nerves.

    No need! The first day was such a quiet one! Everyone was super concentrated on their work and you could tell we were all thinking the same thing! “Her works amazing, his works amazing, oh man am I doing this right??”. What I took from my first project was, there is no right, there is […]

  • First Day of School! First Day of School!

    Okay. Last week was suuuuper busy but I had a good time. [First day of the General Foundation Art & Design course at DJCAD] For anyone thinking, “Oh I wish I had inside info on what the general foundation course do in their first week”. ………………You’ve come to the right place kids. BEHOLD! (A picture […]

  • Surf Club

    On the way back from the beach at St Andrews. Kind of drunk typing, wishing I could capture the atmosphere in this mini bus right now. Playing Off with your head – Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I’m wet through. Beach hair. Slightly intoxicated. Lights from passing cars flashing bye. Just surfed for the first time in […]

  • Oh Man! :)

    Oh man oh man 😀 !! first 5 minutes I’ve had since arriving! Soo met my flat mates, except one that hasn’t arrived yet. All girls flat, top floor. Will upload a photo! But everything’s kind of on the floor at the minute. The girls are great! Went to Mono at the student union last […]

  • Freshers Pack!

    Got my freshers pack with 9 days to go till Freshers! Inside is a freshers magazine with everything you need to know about the DUSA student union, pictures and bios of the Student Representatives, ways to get involved and more importantly a calendar of Events for freshers week! Also there’s cool info like local taxi […]

  • Hello EVERYONE.

    Hey there! I’m Lou. General Foundation Art&Design student and all round respectable human being. For starters, if you have any questions, proposals or just the need to say hello, feel free to email me. And if you see me on campus please return my high-fives. I’m here to show you what it’s like to live […]