• Are you a writer and an artist? Boy, do I have a module for you…

    During the first semester, I took the “Introduction to Comics” (EN 11008) module. Here’s what I had to say about it. I’ll be frank- before taking English as my main subject, I was contemplating whether I should take comics as my main subject. If it wasn’t obvious, I was obsessed with comics, ever since I […]

  • How to Shop Online Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks to Getting the Best Deal When Online Shopping

    With one hand on a computer and another on a credit card, the internet has set up shop, right in the comforts of your own university dorm room. If you can’t save yourself from purchasing a holographic jumpsuit that you’re only going to wear once, you can rest assured. You’ll know you’ll be shopping online […]

  • The ONE New Year’s resolution that you should be making…

    Hey there! Joanne here! 🐰 First and foremost, Happy New Year, Dundee! It’s been a blast! Here’s a little video about why you should really just drop your work before you drop from exhaustion. So basically— go to bed. Anyway, sorry about the “clickbait” title… but hey! It’s clickbait for a reason! I’m a bit […]

  • Camperdown Park: A 20 minute Get Away Before Your Exam Dread Hits

    Hey there! Joanne here! 🐰 Do you have some dreadful deadlines dropping in? Is the mere thought of sitting yet another awful paper just making you shudder? Is an existential crisis coming along? Well, look no further! Just a 35-minute bus ride from Overgate shopping centre would get you to the lovely Camperdown Country Park. […]

  • What I Liked and Didn’t Like About Fresher’s Week

    Hi there! I’m a few months late, but here’s my first post and video, giving you an honest review about what I found great and not so great at about Fresher’s Week! If you have any questions, feel free to comment on my latest youtube video or just right here! All the best, 🐰 Joanne