• 5 Things to do this APRIL Break/study holidays……..

    Time passes in a blink of an eye.  I feel like it was just yesterday I arrived in Dundee when it was cold and dark now its spring already! So I thought you guys should have something to do other than being cooped up in your room binge watching TV series or studying. If you […]

  • Managing Finances in Uni…..

    Maintaining a bank balance in Uni is in itself a great task. Expenses seem to come up almost every day. It takes quite an effort to keep your balance in check. Here are some steps that you can follow to save yourself from a zero bank balance. Figure out your essential expenditure in a month. […]


  • Dundee’s weather

    Most people like me had thought that Dundee has extreme weather conditions. The only reason we came up with this conclusion was the fact that Dundee is located north of the UK. Its been a month since i arrived in Dundee and honestly I have no idea how to predict it! Some days when I […]

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  • Matriculating Late……Settling in…

    A month ago when most other people where busy packing bags, trying to set everything and saying goodbyes to their families, I was doing nothing but  sitting and staring at the walls. There was some complication with my visa process therefore I had to stay back home for a while. I had heard so much about the […]