• Feed your Palm Trees

    This post goes out to Heather Hodge, and anyone else who read my infrequent blog posts concerning my generally irrelevant thoughts since last August. I’ve been meaning to post here for ages but I’m genuinely quite bad at doing things I want to do. I’ve got a small plant that looks like a palm tree, […]

  • I’m going to see Kate Bush. On stage, not at her house.

    I dropped my phone down the toilet a couple of days ago and now it won’t switch on. It’s okay though- I’ve got a ticket to see Kate Bush perform live and I now have a job, so I think I still come out on top. I’m still f l a b b e r […]

  • I’m Climbing Kilimanjaro!

    Sorry for not posting in a good few months; time flies when you procrastinate so hard you forget what it feels like to actually work hard for something. ¬†Anyway, now the pressure of mounting deadlines has long since faded (my last deadline was the 2nd of December) I can focus on reading the material given […]

  • What does it feel like to not be tired

    I haven’t posted anything for a long, long time but I promise I’m still here and you don’t have to worry. In comparison to life before university the last few weeks have been quite crazy -2.30 am finishes in the library really take it out of me! Hahahahhaha no that’s a lie. I seem to […]

  • Jagerbombs

    I woke up yesterday feeling peachy keen and ready for my first lectures, laughing off the mere idea of the so-called ‘freshers flu’. I felt fine, and so should everyone else! At the welcome lunch we had during freshers week we were assured by the Vice president of DUSA that we’d get it, but I’m […]

  • Titles are hard, and so is life

    It’s 1.27 am of the day I’m moving into Halls at Dundee and I’m really nervous. I have clothes strewn across my bed despite the case being full already and my back pack’s falling apart so I haven’t packed any non-clothing items yet. In an attempt to give the situation a chance to sort itself […]

  • I haven’t proof-read this

    You know it’s getting real when you have to stop turning down shifts on your zero-hours contract and actually start working. I was plate waiting again today, which meant lots of looking happy-to-be-there and pretending I knew what I was doing. The only way I got through it was thinking that, in exactly seven days […]

  • Dundee on the WordPress Express

    I’m Mattie and I’m starting my MA geography degree in three weeks. I love going to new places and pushing myself to the limit, which is why I’m moving my whole life right to the OTHER SIDE     of Dundee, to stay in the halls of residence. I obviously could have stayed at home, […]