• Now wash your hands

    This afternoon I had my first session in the Clinical Skills Centre, the place where we get to practice the hands on side of medicine, before being let loose on real patients.  Not only do we get to practice the procedures in clinical skills, but we also have to practice looking like doctors – no […]

  • Veggies!

    After an intense morning with our first physiology, histology and clinical skills lectures I went down to the campus green for the mini volunteering fair.  As well as signing myself up for the Green Team and the University Allotment, I managed to acquire some free veggies, both in original form and as a very welcome […]

  • The first day in the life of a medical student

    So that was Day 1 of my life as a medical student.  Despite all my fears that I’d oversleep I was awake not so bright, but definitely early, thanks to the thundering of 3 cats back and forth across the laminate flooring.  Both the cats and I will be glad once they can go outside […]

  • Ready, steady…

    We were told in last Friday’s introductory lecture that we’d be hitting the ground running, and having seen our timetable for the first week, I don’t think anyone could disagree. Not only do we have a packed programme, but our first block ‘Principles’ will be giving us a first introduction to all the background science […]

  • So that was Freshers Week

    There’s been so much going on this week, I could have easily written a post each day. For the most part though, by the time I’d walked back and forth to campus once or twice, and partaken of everything on offer, I was too exhausted to think about sitting down and writing anything! According to […]

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  • Wandering Around

    It’s been a couple days of wandering around and trying to orient myself, my legs are slowly remembering what it is to walk up and down hills, and I’m beginning to get the feel of the campus and the city centre.   Balgay Cemetory – the scenic route to Ninewells After singing at the Cathedral […]

  • Finding my feet

    What a whirlwind this last week has been.  From the hassle of the charity lady who was supposed to collect a sofa and kept standing me up, even on our last appointment an hours before I had to leave for the airport, to the trauma of waving off my cats as they were driven away […]

  • Taking to the skies

    Whilst I’m not technically an international student, having lived abroad for the last 13 or so years, I do sort of feel like one, albeit with the advantage that English is my mother tongue, and a greater familiarity with the UK than your average foreign student. As a mature student who’s moving to Dundee permanently […]


  • Groeten uit Nederland

    or, ‘hi from The Netherlands’! My name’s Natasha and for the past year or so I’ve been living a double life – software developer by day, medical school applicant by night. On the one hand running like a hamster on a wheel trying to meet deadlines at work, and on the other preparing for the […]