• Going Home.

    Hey there, Welcome to another blog post! I truly cannot believe that I have been in Dundee for six weeks already! Although I have been having an amazing time in Dundee settling in and attending lectures, I had also been counting down the days until I was able to come home for a visit. For […]

  • My week in an Alphabet.

    Hey there! Welcome to another blog post! For my blog this week I wanted to be creative. Instead of writing a full blog I decided to use the alphabet. For every letter, I will write a word or phrase relating to something that has happened in the past week(s). However, to get the full story […]

  • Dealing with Homesickness

    Hey there!  We are halfway through another week and what a week it has been! For this week’s blog I wanted to focus on a topic more than a general update. Going to university and moving away from home can be a really terrifying thing for a lot of people, especially if you are moving a […]

  • Fresher’s Week – Part 2

    Hey there!  Can you believe Fresher’s week is over? My crazy week consisted of – Partying (of course) Attending introduction lectures and classes Family visits Hosting a dinner party Netflix I have really enjoyed the start to my University career as I have met lots of fabulous people. A greatly anticipated part of Freshers/introduction week […]

  • Freshers Week – Part 1

    Hey there! It is already halfway through Freshers week! As a fresher I must say it has been an amazing week so far. I have been fortunate enough to meet so many lovely people through – my course, Christian Union and general socialising. In between binging on Netflix whilst in my flat and skyping my […]

  • The journey starts here…

    Hey there!  My name is Natasha and I am studying Primary Teaching at the University of Dundee. Today is my first day living in my new flat, in a new city, surrounded by new people. Last night I drove from my home town up to Dundee with my lovely big sister having had to say […]