• And That’s a Wrap!

    Well that is an end to four years of University in Dundee. Finishing up my degree has made me reflect on my time at University as well as think about the future. It is both daunting and exciting to think about what is ahead. I have been in education my whole life so it can […]

  • Semester Abroad – Travelling

    Completing a semester (or year) abroad provides some excellent opportunities to experience and travel a new country. I did a semester abroad during my second year to Trent University in Canada. Around my studies I was able to fit in a little bit of travelling. I’ve given a taste to some of the areas I […]

  • A Few Tips for Your Dissertation

    Reflecting on my own Dissertation progress, having now handed it in, there are certain parts of the experience I could have done better on to have relieved some stress. Equally, there are certain rules that I tried to stick to that definitely helped make the process of writing my dissertation much easier. I have tried […]

  • Tips for Managing a Budget at University

    Firstly, this is by no means an extensive list of tips for managing a budget while at University. There are tons of resources, and I am sure from people with much more expertise than myself, out there on how to manage money effectively and advice on creating budgets. However, these are some tips that I […]

  • Part Time Jobs While at University

    Working a part time job while at University can be difficult. It obviously helps if it is a job you enjoy. During my third year, I worked as a waitress at a hotel restaurant, which I loved. I worked mostly breakfast shifts, starting anywhere between 6 – 8:30am and finishing around midday. These were hours […]

  • Some of my Favourite Classes Through the Years

    Nearing the finish line of my degree in Environmental Science and Geography, I have reflected on some of my favourite classes through the years. The first two years of modules largely were designed to introduce you to lots of different topics. Overall, I found this somewhat useful as I was introduced to subjects that I […]

  • A Study Abroad Series: Academics and Classes

    I will preface this blog post with acknowledging that travelling is certainly not part of our lives at the moment and with that many student’s study abroad opportunities have disappeared. However, I wanted to take the chance to document some of my experiences from when I completed a semester abroad. Perhaps, this series can provide […]


  • Zero-Waste Online Options

    Last semester, I wrote about some of the zero-waste shopping options in Dundee. I now wanted to offer some online options. Living at home now, with all of our shopping online it severely limits some of the ability to make more environmentally friendly choices. Feeling frustrated with not being able to get some of my […]

  • Baking Inspiration

    I am the first to admit that I have a major sweet tooth, and probably spend way to much money on chocolate at the shops. This past semester, with more time in my flat, I decided to try baking more and thereby avoid storebought treats. I found a couple cookie recipes that I really enjoyed […]

  • Flat Hunting Season

    It’s that time of the year, when many people are in the midst of looking for a flat. It can be a really stressful time, especially in first year when it feels like this huge decision that you’ve never had to make before. There is a lot of different things to consider when flat hunting […]