• Flat Hunt 2014

    It is that time of year when everyone is frantically snapping up their favourite places to live for the next academic year. So I thought I would post some advice… TIPS ON LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO LIVE Choose the right flatmates, with the same priorities I wanted to leave the house I’m staying in […]

  • Sweets and Other Unhealthy Things!

    Just thought I’d review a variety of snack-y foods which I have tried throughout last semester. Some are good for sharing with people or the best choice from campus vending machines or a waste of money! Hope you find it interesting! Cafe Nero – Red Velvet cake, Coffee cake and White Chocolate mocha   I […]

  • Long Distance

    So here is a subject that I’m sure concern a lot of people. Long distance relationships. I started my relationship in Dundee. We lived quite close for about a year and a half, which was awesome (when I say close, I mean 10 mins for a while and then about 3 mins!). During this time, […]

  • The Hobbit!

    One of the highlights of my holiday so far has been going to see the Hobbit. I went to see it in HFR 3D at the Vue cinema at Westfield. This is also where I saw the first The Hobbit film! This is no coincidence; my boyfriend lives nearby (ish) and this is one of the […]

  • One Hundred Songs To Save Your Life

    So I watch a lot of old TV programmes! I recently decided to start watching One Tree Hill, which I have never seen before now. I didn’t have a TV while growing up, so I missed everything! There are a LOT of shows that I have only recently seen! Anyway, Peyton makes a CD of […]

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  • Preparing for the End of Term!

    At present, it is just under 13 days until the end of term! I have made a countdown (sad as I am) so I can keep checking up on both how long it is until the holidays as well as how long I have left to finish my project! See it here. I actually make […]

  • Beautiful Dundee

    So, some people may know that Dundee was competing to win City of Culture 2017. Unfortunately we didn’t win (Hull did, well done to them) but we certainly made a good effort and it has really highlighted the passion and variety in our city. I think this is important for students to realise as well […]

  • Essays!

    This past week and a bit, we have had to write essays. I say “essays” but they were only 500-750 words long. This sounds like nothing, right? That’s what we thought! For a start, we had to do 5 of them, and each one needed at least 3 quotes from the specific books recommended by […]

  • Holland and Belgium!

    I have been away! I went to stay in Rotterdam with my class (and 3 tutors) last week. It was a study trip so we were busy from after breakfast until quite late. Sometimes we didn’t get dinner until 10pm! We did see a lot though, which was excellent. We were in Amsterdam for 2 days, the […]

  • The West House

    I have now visited The West House twice. This is pretty disgraceful given how long it has been open and how long I’ve lived in Dundee. Anyway, I thought I’d write a quick review of it. Today, I had the duo of Salmon followed by a Greek salad main course. The salmon was delicious. The […]