• Easter Holidays

    Whoops! I seem to have not posted in a long time! My apologies! We are now in the Easter holidays, which last for 3 weeks :O I don’t think I have ever had such long holidays at this time of year before! Though of course this is the time when most courses are studying for […]

  • Work…

    So I’m not sure exactly what I have to update since my last post. Perhaps it is described most accurately in the advice my tutor gave me at me tutorial; “more of the same”. Ok of course they give you better and more advice than just that (there was a lot more going on in […]

  • Beginning Semester Two

    We returned to Uni with a trip to Arbroath to visit out new site. After a chilly day of site analysis, and a spicy vege deli sandwich (my usual) at McDonalds, we returned to Dundee to start our work for the Friday submission. We have new tutors and tutor groups this term. I think it […]

  • Holiday

    On the 14th, I took the train to London to stay with my boyfriend, who works there. It was a good week. I went to visit the Roca Gallery with my godfather. The Roca Gallery in London was designed by Zaha Hadid and is often used as a venue for various exhibits. When we visited, it […]

  • Memories

    So it has been a while since Uni ended and I promised a mention to my lovely friend in architecture (as pictured above). I have of course been missing her (and my other epic friends on my course) while I have been away and she has been in foreign lands! The picture above was taken […]

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  • The End Of Semester 1!

    So today, everyone in my course finally finished! It was a highly exciting day, especially for me as I had finished the day before and so today, I had a haircut and tried to pack. I wasn’t very successful with the packing, so I am doing that now. Well I’m clearly not as I am […]

  • Staying Up

    Yesterday was our final hand in for the semester. We still have a good amount to do; preparing our portfolios for reviews next week, as well as writing a history essay and getting ready for an online self assessment. But the biggest thing is over. I worked out that I stayed up for about 66 […]

  • DIA Awards Dinner

    Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend the DIA (Dundee Institute of Architects) Awards Dinner with the ADAS committee. Of course, it is open for people to attend and I could have gone independently but it was definitely better to go with a group and to be a part of representing our architecture association. Bonds between […]

  • Tea!

    I am a bit of a tea-lover, so I decided to post about tea! If you do not yet love tea, then you should really try to be more adventurous with what you drink, as I can guarantee that nearly all the time this will open up a whole world of excitement and opportunity! So […]

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  • ADAS

    I may have mentioned previously that the Architecture department has an Association of Dundee Architecture Students (ADAS) which plays a large part in life as an architecture student at Dundee! I have decided to join the committee. I have only been going to meetings for a couple of weeks but it is fun. ADAS caters […]