• Gigs And Other Social Events

    Despite Dundee seeming to be a pretty small city (so small in fact that when I told a classmate that you could drive from one side of Dundee to the other in 15 – 20 minutes depending on traffic, her eyes widened in shock!), there are frequent opportunities for good nights out. There is already […]

  • Studio

    I have named this post “Studio” as I have spent most of my life there for the past week! It feels like longer but yes it is only the start of week 3 now! We are on our third project, one that is 3 weeks long rather than 1 day and 4 days as the […]

  • Workshop Induction

    It’s only Tuesday, and I feel like I’ve been at Uni for ages! Yesterday we went to the beach for a project that we will have to finish off and present on A1 card in our own time for our portfolio and today we were given an “inspiring places” project. So far, it is awesome […]

  • First Few Days

    The start of Welcome Week has been good! On Monday, was the Welcome To Architecture lecture. At this, the head of first year, Cameron Wilson gave a brief (ish) overview of the years ahead. He also confirmed timings for various events over the coming week. I bought myself a diary to put all the information I […]

  • Preparing for Architecture

    I would like to start by apologising to everyone who is not interested in architecture. Perhaps this is not the post for you to read! To the rest of you, I hope that this is helpful! Today I bought some materials for my course. My total purchases of the day were: An A3 cutting mat […]

  • Local Students Welcome Night – My First Event As A Student At Dundee

    Tonight, I was invited to a Welcome Night for locally based students, which I attended with a friend of mine that I met at college last year. It was pretty good. I was expecting everyone to be standing in the foyer and be welcomed briefly. Then I thought we would be standing around awkwardly with […]

  • Break In London

    This week I am in London. I managed to get tickets that only came to about £35 there and back. This is impressive given that Dundee is not (yet) one of the cities that benefits from being in the subsidised zone. Although I am going off on a tangent, this is actually an issue I […]

  • Working In Dundee

    I have recently managed to get a job at a shop in town.So I thought I’d share a bit about what it’s like to look for work here, and how I am finding my job so far. It is not easy to get work in Dundee. The best and most reliable way of getting work […]

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  • My first post as a student blogger for Dundee University!

    Hi! My name is Rosalind and I am about to start the 7 year Architecture MArch course. I grew up locally; just across the Tay, in Fife. I first moved to Dundee in 2009 in pursuit of a dance career by starting my studies at The Scottish School Of Contemporary Dance. That transition from living […]