• If you don’t visit Helsinki your vacation remains un-Finnished.

    I love travelling.  There is something refreshing by default about setting out to explore a new country or even a city just a few hours away. Travelling is a luxury; it costs time and money both of which are in short supply when you are a budgeting university student. But where there’s a will there’s […]

  • A few words to young international students.

    I attended secondary school in a small town on the East coast of Malaysia, Kuantan. Typical to the experiences of most Malaysian students there was a great deal of emphasis placed on scoring a perfect string of As’ accompanied by a host of extra-curricular activities. Both of which I quite happily strived to achieve. I […]

  • The Art of Resilience.

    The truth is fairly simple, life can be unequivocally messy. It can trap you in a corner and beat the best of us down with the deadly trappings of a series of unfortunate events. For some of us, it’s not enveloping circumstances, rather battling our own personal demons. Over the last few years as I’ve […]

  • Peeking out at the Outside World

    The boys (and girls) at Westminster have still yet to come to a feasible agreement on Brexit. Our friends across the pond can’t seem to decide if building a wall will solve anything and we have officially got right into the second academic semester of the year (read: finals). What a time to be alive. […]

  • Exploring Beyond Dundee (Lake District)

    I love being outdoors. The sun. The warmth (JK this is Scotland).  The stunning views.  Almost comparable to an evening in bed with Netflix and Domino’s. In all seriousness, the one significant drawback of medicine is that I wish I had more time to do things like that I really love and take a moment to […]

  • Good eats in Dundee – (Revised)

    I know I’ve written about good eats in Dundee before, but its a topic that has to be revisited I’m back with some new favourites that you just have to try out. Mozza My new favourite pizza place. They do amazing, authentically Italian pizzas. The interior is pretty nice, perfect for a weekend catch up with […]

  • Baby it’s Cold Outside

    The winters in Scotland can be brutal, especially if you’re an international student from a warmer climate. I know it can take some adjusting to however, fear not! There are lots of things you can do to make winter your favourite season of the year. Fuzzy/Cosy/ Electric?! blankets are a must.  You can easily pick […]

  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can get a pizza.

    If you’ve read any of this blog my main motivations are pretty clear. If you haven’t already grasped this forgive me for being too subtle. Food. Food makes me so happy. As far as food goes there isn’t much else better than pizza so you can imagine how excited I was to try yet another […]

  • A weekend out in Dundee

    Dundee has grown in leaps and bounds, even since I started university here 4 years ago. I’ve watched swanky new restaurants open, an entirely different set of shops take over the Overgate (no pun intended) and most recently the opening of the stunning Victoria & Albert Museum. One weekend we decided to ditch the books […]

  • A date at Italian Grill

    There comes a point in life where most of us realise it’s your friends that eventually have your back and it’s the dinner dates with your girlfriends that make the most memorable nights.  Cue Simran, one of my closest (craziest) friends in Dee and my dinner date for Saturday. We decided to head to Dundee’s […]