Advice for new students

  • What to do when the deadlines are coming in hot

    Fresher’s week and September came and went faster than any of us could imagine, and here we are already at reading week! That means we’re halfway through the semester and if you’re one of the lucky ones not yet overwhelmed by many many deadlines, don’t worry, they’ll be coming in soon! And what do you […]

  • MTB in Scotland

    A few words about cycling around here. 

  • First Month of First Year!

    Well Everyone, whether we have just begun first year or are beginning another year of university, we have made it through Month One! I have learned so much in four weeks! First being, getting lost is entirely normal. I have to admit that trying to read the room directions was not the easiest beginning to […]

  • My Favourite Things About the Library

    As a history student, I spend a lot of time in the library on campus. I heard this saying once and I’ve always remembered it: the library is our lab. As in, in the School of Humanities, you don’t have timetabled lab sessions, but you do need to spend time outside of class consolidating what […]

  • The Best Years Of Your Life

    “ Your time at University are the best years of your life” I’m sure we have all heard this sentence or a variation of it at some point or another. Over the last couple of years, I’ve struggled to empathise with this phrase and the false promises it suggests. I don’t know how many times […]

  • Tentsmuir Getaway

    The northeast tip of Fife has an area of a pretty pine forest and sand dunes. Whether it is that you want to get away from the city hum, or you explored Dundee already, and you crave for a new place to discover, Tentsmuir is always a good option. 

  • How to make the most out of uni

    These years you are spending studying at university as a student are unique to any other aspect you have encountered in your life so far and will be nothing like what you will ever experience. You have such unlimited freedom at the same time as being restricted by deadlines and lectures. But your university years […]

  • Weeks One and Two Round Up

    Weeks one and two seemed to be over in a flash! I can’t believe week three of classes is already fast approaching. I thought I’d do a quick realistic review of my first two weeks. Firstly, on the weekend of freshers fair i.e. right before classes started, I finally got a part time job here […]

  • Tips for starting back at university

    Long summer holidays are one of the best parts about being a student at university. But having such a long summer break makes it a real shock to the system when you plunge back into your studies in mid September. Whilst your settling back into your university routine, it’s important to get organised and plan […]

  • How to make/save some money as a student

    Moving away from home and having to pay for everything all of a sudden can be a bit of a shock to the system. Even if you get student funding or a scholarship, sometimes it can be difficult to budget so that you’re actually able to save up for the future. However, after two years […]