Around Dundee


    Today I had to go on “official law student business” to the University of St Andrew’s Law Fair. This is a great opportunity for #UoD students studying on the English law or Dual law programme to meet English firms and get some insight into what type of candidate they are looking to recruit. It’s also a […]

  • My week in an Alphabet.

    Hey there! Welcome to another blog post! For my blog this week I wanted to be creative. Instead of writing a full blog I decided to use the alphabet. For every letter, I will write a word or phrase relating to something that has happened in the past week(s). However, to get the full story […]


    This weekend we had one of our annual open days, which saw thousands of you from across the country and beyond, come visit our beautiful campus! So in true blogger spirit, I headed down there to find out (for those of you who didn’t make it) the top ten reasons to make sure you don’t […]

  • Vintage Bargains in Dundee!

    Last Saturday (17th September) the Vintage Weigh & Pay came to town; naturally I jumped at the opportunity to snag some vintage bargains at Bonar Hall. The event was open to whole public, not just students, and signs were posted all over Dundee advertising the abundance of bargains available. Items are priced at £15 for […]

  • Explore!

    I know, it’s been a somewhat crazy week given the start of classes, but I still say, “Explore!” If you’re a first year student, or even second, third or fourth; it is imperative that you find a way to step away from your desk, pull your nose out of a book, and breathe in some […]

  • Surviving Dundee 101

    As a student, money is never enough! (Will it ever?) As such, many of us will start doing stuff we think will be cheap but instead actually cost us more! Read on for some of my tips (some by me and some by others) which I hope will help you survive in this city. You […]

  • Dundee in 5 Wullies

    Oor Wullie! Your Wullie! A’Body’s Wullie! And for the summer, he was indeed. Over the course of July and August, Dundonians bore witness to their beloved cartoon laddie – Oor Wullie (or “Our William” if you’re from the Ferry) incarnate as fifty-five sculptures painted in bright colours and scattered around the city. This was “The […]

  • #newbeginnings

    After a gruelling 17 hour flight which included an aggravating 6-hour layover at Doha, Qatar and an hour long drive from Edinburgh – I finally reached Dundee! The smell of manure and fresh cut fields welcomed me into Dundee as we drove in, a smell so indicative of Scotland’s rich agricultural heritage. Soon after getting […]

  • Freshers Week – Part 1

    Hey there! It is already halfway through Freshers week! As a fresher I must say it has been an amazing week so far. I have been fortunate enough to meet so many lovely people through – my course, Christian Union and general socialising. In between binging on Netflix whilst in my flat and skyping my […]

  • Settling in

    HI THERE My name is Ine, and I am a 22 year old girl from Norway. I will be participating at the LLM program in International Criminal Justice & Human Rights at the University of Dundee. This will be my fifth year as a law student, and I am so excited for the opportunity to […]