Around Dundee

  • The Centre for Entrepreneurship

  • Hidden Dundee

    Everyone’s talking about the city centre and the Law. Yet there are loads of other gems worth checking. This post is about a few of my favorite spots that not many students know about:

  • Visiting Dundee Sheriff Court

    The public gallery is a great resource for law students and it is worth popping in to get a real sense of law in action.   Scottish courts are public buildings and anyone can attend. Almost all trials are open to the public so that justice can be seen to be done. My friends (and […]

  • Stellar Fun

    Notorious long winter evenings can bring miserable dark times. But they also open otherwise unseen beauty. All that’s needed is to be at the right time in the right place: one of them is Dundee’s Mills Observatory.

  • Best things to get involved with at Dundee to further your career

    A round-up of my favorite parts of University life When I was wondering what to write my next blog on, I came up with the idea of writing a roundup of my favorite parts of university life, that have helped my career. Within the university, there are hundreds of opportunities to get involved with stuff […]

  • The importance of the customer experience

      If like me, you are brand loyal and tend to buy from the same brands.  usually go for one brand (or another), depending on the price, student discount, the ease of the website and the customer service. When I find a brand or shop I like I tend to stick to it, for ease […]

  • Camperdown Park: A 20 minute Get Away Before Your Exam Dread Hits

    Hey there! Joanne here! 🐰 Do you have some dreadful deadlines dropping in? Is the mere thought of sitting yet another awful paper just making you shudder? Is an existential crisis coming along? Well, look no further! Just a 35-minute bus ride from Overgate shopping centre would get you to the lovely Camperdown Country Park. […]

  • My Favourite Things About the Library

    As a history student, I spend a lot of time in the library on campus. I heard this saying once and I’ve always remembered it: the library is our lab. As in, in the School of Humanities, you don’t have timetabled lab sessions, but you do need to spend time outside of class consolidating what […]

  • Entrepreneurial Masterclass with Paul Farley

    Working for the University of Dundee, Centre for Entrepreneurship as the marketing officer and I oversee promoting entrepreneurship within the school of Social Sciences. As we had Hailey Scanlon the week before talking about her journey the window for promotion was quite short which presented some problems for marketing this masterclass effectively. With Paul having […]

  • Tentsmuir Getaway

    The northeast tip of Fife has an area of a pretty pine forest and sand dunes. Whether it is that you want to get away from the city hum, or you explored Dundee already, and you crave for a new place to discover, Tentsmuir is always a good option.