• Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey

    I’m now officially a little more than a month into my program, and so far it’s pretty much all I hoped it would be, if not better. Nerd alert. In my recent memory, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed taking as many notes as I have (50+ pages at the  moment, I’ll panic over that […]

  • Staying Organised

    I love pens and highlighters. And notebooks. And file binders.. In short, I love stationery. There is nothing more glorious than a new set of Sharpies or that fresh-paper-scent off brand new paper. I kid myself that it helps me stay organised and go out and buy more than I can ever hope to organise […]

  • Life Sciences Summer Internship

    Over the past 10 weeks I have been privileged to work in the Medical Research Council, Phosphorylation Ubiquitylation Unit (MRC PPU) at the University this summer. The School of Life Sciences provide students with many opportunities to gain real life lab experience at the university that include the James Black Prize Studentships and the GRE and […]

  • Dissertations!

    Hey everyone! Long time no blog, as I have been in somewhat of a dissertation-induced hibernation (i.e. only leaving my laptop to go to work and then straight back home again). This dissertation has been my baby for the past year and now it has finally flown the nest! Yay! I have now completed the […]

  • My top 10 study tips

    My previous post was on de stressing tips, then I thought why not write on how to study better. I am no expert in excelling in tests or examinations, but I thought why not just share what I do, since it did get me here! Tip 1: What is important? Don’t expect to read everything on […]

  • Changing Course

    Hi all, the last couple of months have been rather turbulent for me, especially as I was moving out of my old flat during term time. But now I finally have everything back on track. Though over the last little while I’ve been reflecting on where my course and thus my future is heading. As […]

  • Team MSc Sustainability

    MSc Sustainability is made up of five and a half students. The half being a part-timer. It’s a small size, but I can, in fact, tell you it is a big reason why I love this unique program. Almost all our courses are taken together and, perhaps because of that, we have developed lasting friendships. […]

  • To The Archives!

    On Monday evening my book history and publishing class took a trip to the University archives, located in the basement of Tower Building on campus.  This was actually my first ever visit to the archives, although I know other subjects make much better use of the facilities offered there.  I, for one, definitely wish I […]

  • Love Your Mug

    3…2…1…Blast off! The ‘Love Your Mug’ initiative launches on Monday, March 20 – will you be along for the ride? This is a new and exciting adventure on the University of Dundee campus which transitions from the use of disposable tea and coffee cups to reusable mugs. MSc Sustainability students, in collaboration with DUSA and […]

  • Discover the entrepreneur in you!

    Entrepreneurship is defined as the process of the designing, launching and running a small business such as a start-up company. University of Dundee provides you with all necessary opportunity to help you achieve that goal. Let me share my unexpected discovery, and how a group of friends and I developed our very own business! The […]