• The Inside Scoop

    These are my people. Team Sustainability forever! Wait…no, I mean lifelong friends, not lifelong students. Please. Part of the MSc Sustainability program is a core module called Research Training and Project Planning. For Dr. Mark Cutler and Dr. Ioan Fazey, we proposed and created a research proposal as practice for our dissertation. Our class split into […]

  • Oh, the Humanities!

    See what I did there?  Fun with puns.  I would apologize, but I really can’t help it. Perhaps it’s my love of literature, my obsession with history, or my desire to understand people in foreign lands when I travel, but I adore the School of Humanities. Also, I’m a total bibliophile.  Books can make me […]

  • A chat about Creative Writing…

    Way back at Christmas Time, my friend Taylor and I sat down to have a chat about our first semester studying creative writing, and bring it to you today!

  • And We’re Back!

    Happy New Year! I hope the festive break treated you all well, and you were able to enjoy some home comforts over the holidays- although, with it being over three years since I flew the nest, the couple of days I spent back home with family over Christmas were more than enough for me! (The […]

  • Oh, What a Semester

    I’m done!  Christmas break, here I come!  Apologies to all of you who are still in the midst of the exam-time bubble, but with the first half of my final year finally at a close, I’m feeling pretty good! This semester I didn’t have any exams, in fact I haven’t for a while.  My English degree […]

  • Dundee Accommodates for my Nostalgia

    Sorry if your field trips as a kid weren’t as life changing as mine.  Okay, maybe not life changing, but they may have been what I looked forward to more than anything! Wait, actually I think it was birthday parties, but field trips were a close second… As a kid I clearly remember field trips to […]

  • My top 10 tips to de-stress!

    Well, examinations for most courses are just around the corner; and that means it’s time to burn the midnight oil to start catching up with the all the lectures you would have missed, thought  wasn’t “important” or just told yourself that you will get to it later (which we all know you just didn’t want […]

  • A Day in the Life of an English Student

    Thought I would give you all an insight into what a typical day is like for me in my final year of my English degree.  This semester, Fridays are my busiest days with five hours of classes.  I actually only have one other hour a week on a Monday but thankfully this means I have […]

  • Study Tips

    Obviously I’m no expert on this, but I figured I’d share with you a few things I’ve found useful when studying. If you have any advice to share please do so down below as different methods work for different people. Personally I like to print out reading or use a physical book. For some people physically […]

  • Something Pretentious (a day in the life of a creative writing student)

    You step into October, onto the leaves and into the thin air. All of a sudden, you’re glad you brought your jacket. Hitting play on your music, you set off at a brisk march, mind musing over what mess you’ll be made to write today. Think something pretentious. It’s your only creative writing class of […]