• A Day in the Life of an English Student

    Thought I would give you all an insight into what a typical day is like for me in my final year of my English degree.  This semester, Fridays are my busiest days with five hours of classes.  I actually only have one other hour a week on a Monday but thankfully this means I have […]

  • Study Tips

    Obviously I’m no expert on this, but I figured I’d share with you a few things I’ve found useful when studying. If you have any advice to share please do so down below as different methods work for different people. Personally I like to print out reading or use a physical book. For some people physically […]

  • Something Pretentious (a day in the life of a creative writing student)

    You step into October, onto the leaves and into the thin air. All of a sudden, you’re glad you brought your jacket. Hitting play on your music, you set off at a brisk march, mind musing over what mess you’ll be made to write today. Think something pretentious. It’s your only creative writing class of […]

  • Take a break…

    Hey there, Welcome to a new blog post! I apologise for not posting last week. However, as indicated I took a break (mainly due to reading week), where I spent time at home and didn’t really focus too much on University work. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my time at home and away from the […]

  • Take a Break!

    Hamilton fans will be all too familiar with Eliza Schuylers’s husband who simply had to get his plan through congress. Though few of us will be whittling away our hours writing fifty-one Federalist Papers, student life can do a decent job of putting that “non-stop” mentality in our heads. Everyone has that week, or two, […]

  • Day In The Life: DJCAD Level 2 Fine Art / Philosophy

    I thought it would be interesting for people to see what University of Dundee students do in their day to day lives, so here’s  day in my life.   I woke up at 7:50am got ready and left the house. I grabbed a tea and a steak bake on my way to DJCAD because, frankly, […]

  • Fresher’s Week – Part 2

    Hey there!  Can you believe Fresher’s week is over? My crazy week consisted of – Partying (of course) Attending introduction lectures and classes Family visits Hosting a dinner party Netflix I have really enjoyed the start to my University career as I have met lots of fabulous people. A greatly anticipated part of Freshers/introduction week […]

  • Freshers Week – Part 1

    Hey there! It is already halfway through Freshers week! As a fresher I must say it has been an amazing week so far. I have been fortunate enough to meet so many lovely people through – my course, Christian Union and general socialising. In between binging on Netflix whilst in my flat and skyping my […]

  • Back for a short writing

    I thought I would just drop some line as I missed a few weeks out on blogging. I’ve been a bit busy lately, doing studies and revision, working etc. and have not got too much time to spend with the blog. My first exam is coming up in two and a half hours, so I’ve […]

  • Comics Day Out

    It may be the busiest time of the academic year as far as deadlines are concerned – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while learning, right?! Us Comics Studies MLitt-ers certainly like to think that’s the case anyway, and on Monday we took a class trip to Glasgow where we visited Hope Street […]