• Right Back At It Again

    One week in, and the calm of Christmas and excitement of Hogmanay is already a distant blurry memory! We’ve only been back in classes one week and I have already handed in coursework – no rest for the wicked has become my Master’s catchphrase!   I’m really looking forward to this semester though – despite the […]

  • Respiratory has been and gone…

    I’m not quite sure how the last month managed to pass by without a post, certainly I had plenty of them rolling around in my head, and yet between lectures, classes and a couple very busy weekends with the choir, I find that the term has finished and the first week of vacation is almost […]

  • Figuring It All Out

    My name is Anna.  I’m new to this blog.  I’m a part-time MFA Art and Humanities student and mum who commutes from Edinburgh, so I have quite a different experience to most other students on campus. It’s a bit like living a double life: I hop on the train to Dundee for classes twice a week […]

  • Bringing out my inner vampire

    Last week I wielded a needle for the first time and drew my first ever arterial blood sample. Impressive for an 8 week old medical student, don’t you think?  Fear not, the patient in question was a fake arm and was feeling no pain! Our Clinical Skills Centre is full of such fun devices to […]

  • Assessments, Exams and Other Fun Things

    Once again I failed as a blogger, I think I am probably in the running for the title of the worst blogger by now. Past few weeks have been a bit hectic and I don’t mean fun hectic. I wasn’t being very sociable, in fact I barely left my room since Halloween. Partially that is […]

  • Principles Block

    Last week we passed the first milestone in our medical school career – the end of the Principles block, designed to give us an introduction to the basic sciences that will support our further study into the various systems of the human body. Principles has been a whirlwind introduction to our studies with a great […]

  • Essays!

    This past week and a bit, we have had to write essays. I say “essays” but they were only 500-750 words long. This sounds like nothing, right? That’s what we thought! For a start, we had to do 5 of them, and each one needed at least 3 quotes from the specific books recommended by […]

  • Facing study weeks and exams soon

    The week after reading week back in the Uni was an intense one for me, even though I did not do any other things than studying, mostly. Unfortunately, I had to spend most of my time with studying and revising, and with doing research rather than going out. It looks like it will not even […]

  • Good Morning!

    I was convinced I missed a week of blogging, then I checked and realised I didn’t write a post in almost 4 weeks! My apologies for that! I have no explanation as to where did my 3 missing weeks go!   I have to say though that for the past 2 weeks I’ve been extremely […]

  • Time is flying by

    We’re now in our third week of term, and there’s been plenty to write about since I last posted, but it’s been hard to find the time and energy.  Considering that in my working life I was used to starting early and finishing late, I’m finding the shorter uni days surprisingly tiring, and no, it’s […]