• The first day in the life of a medical student

    So that was Day 1 of my life as a medical student.  Despite all my fears that I’d oversleep I was awake not so bright, but definitely early, thanks to the thundering of 3 cats back and forth across the laminate flooring.  Both the cats and I will be glad once they can go outside […]

  • Avengers Assemble!: Getting started in Comics Studies.

    With Fresher’s Week flying past us, it’s finally time to settle down and get to grips with our courses; and I for one couldn’t be more excited about embarking on my Postgraduate adventure in Comics Studies. Matriculation on Friday posed as a great mixer for fellow postgraduate students in the Humanities department as we met […]

  • Ready, steady…

    We were told in last Friday’s introductory lecture that we’d be hitting the ground running, and having seen our timetable for the first week, I don’t think anyone could disagree. Not only do we have a packed programme, but our first block ‘Principles’ will be giving us a first introduction to all the background science […]

  • The NeverEnding Work Week

    Well I certainly hope that readers are not too young to know of The NeverEnding Story (to which I reference above). It’s one of those properly awesome 80s films, full of craziness! The point of all this is to illustrate that this week is crazily busy; we submit our portfolios on Wednesday. After Wednesday, I […]