• The Art of Resilience.

    The truth is fairly simple, life can be unequivocally messy. It can trap you in a corner and beat the best of us down with the deadly trappings of a series of unfortunate events. For some of us, it’s not enveloping circumstances, rather battling our own personal demons. Over the last few years as I’ve […]

  • Site Visit in St.Andrews, Zumba + Crêpes

  • Third-year Civil Engineering Laboratories

    Civil engineers are normally thought to be designing structures, investigating site’s and even analyzing structures, however, we also have a considerable amount of lab work, we need to understand and use when designing structures. As Dundee has a great geo-mechanics department, I have had the opportunity to take part in two soil laboratories this semester […]

  • Busy Week In Studio + Booth Is Back

  • Using the iPad 2018 for University

  • Manmade Marvels

    Scotland contributed to the world some groundbreaking inventions. Watt’s steam engine, telephone, pedal bicycle, and television, to name a few. There are some grand engineering achievements here too, few of which we visited with the photographic society today.

  • Annual Ball Season

    It’s that time of year again when the invites start flying out for Annual Ball celebrations! If you aren’t at university yet, or if you’re in first year, you might not be fully aware of what an Annual Ball includes, so it would make sense to clarify that first! Annual Balls are usually organised by […]

  • 5 months in Singapore – University life

      Picking up where I last finished: starting classes at NUS halfway through August. Looking back this was probably the calmest part of the whole exchange. From the end of September onwards the weeks were a continuous blur of exams, traveling, visitors from home, more exams and more traveling. But let’s talk about the study […]

  • Royal Visit + Indian Dinner At Lynne’s

  • The halfway mark – My regrets

    My last post was on all things I was happy about and all the things I had been blessed to have been part of. But it would not be fair if I do not write about the bitter moments I have had in the past couple of years. None of these things have dampened my […]