• Need a job? Try working for the university as a student member of staff

    Work experience is incredibly important. It is something that will give you transferable skills you will be using your entire career. It can also be very much a necessity to be able to live in a time with a cost-of-living crisis. As students, we are very restricted on time in order to commit to our […]

  • How to have savings as a broke student

    Savings… why you need them! It is never too early to start setting financial goals and learn about money and how to manage it better. You can only learn this in practice and small habits built now can easily be adapted later on when you are making more – with a more impressive pay-off. As […]

  • Why I still have a weekly allowance

    Over the last couple of years, I have become much more intentional about my spending. It helps me worry less and focus on my studies without wrecking my mental health. So, budgeting and saving have been a godsend! That being said, I noticed a pattern of spending too much of my money immediately after payday […]

  • Budgeting advice for students

    Unless you have gone on a deep dive into every single thing you spent any money on over the last year… chances are you are not as aware of how much you are spending on things as you might think. Particularly if you are struggling with money or if you find yourself living on ramen […]

  • Transitioning from Student Halls to Private Accommodation: Embracing Independence

    As your university journey progresses, you may find yourself ready to move on from the experience of living in student halls and venture into private accommodation. Below I have listed some essential steps you need to take when considering your move

  • Being a part of a society at University: Is It Worth it?

    Hi, I’m Alison. I am in my third year at the University of Dundee, and I have been part of the Dundee University Ladies’ Hockey Club (DULHC) for my whole time here. I played hockey previously in school, but in my last two years, I didn’t enjoy it as much. Due to Covid, games/training could […]

  • 23 fun things I did in 2023

    Are you bored, looking for activities inspo or just nosy about what I did this year? Perfect. Enjoy this list of 23 things I did in 2023! What did you get up to this year?

  • Affordable meals for students on a budget

    I know how hard it is to budget properly when you’re first starting university (or even after uni!). Not only do you have to learn to spend your money in a responsible manner, but as of recently students all over the country have had to learn to manage their money even stricter because of the […]

  • Blackberry and Dumb Money: My review of movies at the DCA

    In the past two weeks I’ve had the chance to visit the DCA with friends and watch a couple of very interesting movies. I had never heard of either coming out, but when I checked the DCA website for what’s playing, both of them peaked my interest and so the tickets were booked! Here is […]

  • Things to consider prior to moving in with other students

    As the new year approaches, a lot of students will begin to think about getting a flat for next school year. It’s really difficult moving in with people you don’t know, especially when you have to organise it without the help of your university or a specialised accommodation company. Here are some questions to consider […]