• Flat Hunt 2014

    It is that time of year when everyone is frantically snapping up their favourite places to live for the next academic year. So I thought I would post some advice… TIPS ON LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO LIVE Choose the right flatmates, with the same priorities I wanted to leave the house I’m staying in […]

  • 2014 UK Blog Awards

    We’re delighted to announce that this blog has been shortlisted for the UK Blog Awards 2014 in the Education (Organisation) category! We’re delighted with the nomination which is a great compliment to our excellent bloggers who continue to highlight the incredible depth of opportunity available to our students here in Dundee.

  • Cultures

    Clearly, there are several (actually that several is countless) different cultures making this world and the people living in it so diverse. One of this – well known – culture that I would like to mention is the Chinese. On the 31st of January, that is today, the year of the Snake, China’s previous year […]

  • Plunge into studies

    This semester’s modules will be filled with mathematics and analysis, which means that I will finally learn properly (hopefully) these higher mathematic equations and quartiles that we need for the modules. Seriously, it’s just amazing how much we can learn just with attending some lectures, and then making more effort at home to learn what […]

  • Sweets and Other Unhealthy Things!

    Just thought I’d review a variety of snack-y foods which I have tried throughout last semester. Some are good for sharing with people or the best choice from campus vending machines or a waste of money! Hope you find it interesting! Cafe Nero – Red Velvet cake, Coffee cake and White Chocolate mocha   I […]

  • Long Distance

    So here is a subject that I’m sure concern a lot of people. Long distance relationships. I started my relationship in Dundee. We lived quite close for about a year and a half, which was awesome (when I say close, I mean 10 mins for a while and then about 3 mins!). During this time, […]

  • Back to normal

    I haven’t written any blogs in the last two weeks and frankly, there was no much things that happened to me over the holiday. And by “no much things” I mean as few things as work and sleep, basically. That’s why I decided to take two weeks off the blog as well, but now “everything […]

  • Right Back At It Again

    One week in, and the calm of Christmas and excitement of Hogmanay is already a distant blurry memory! We’ve only been back in classes one week and I have already handed in coursework – no rest for the wicked has become my Master’s catchphrase!   I’m really looking forward to this semester though – despite the […]

  • 3 weeks of freedom

    Having 3 weeks of holiday and nowhere to go has been a rather unusual experience for me. During my working life I usually managed to squeeze as much travelling as possible out of my vacation allowance, meaning that I very rarely spent free time at home relaxing. Even when I left the office and moved […]

  • Camperdown ParkRun

    Rather than writing a list of resolutions that I’m unlikely to stick to, I decided to try and start the year as I hope to go on! So rather than promising myself that I’d start running regularly again, I bit the bullet and dragged myself out of bed on New Year’s morning, despite the late […]