• Staying at Home

    I have a series of vivid memories from high school that revolve around seemingly endless meetings with my guidance teacher in that foul smelling office. In most of them, she is urging me to apply for halls. Of course, this was ridiculous. As someone who already lives a brief ten-minute bus ride from the city […]

  • The Storm Before the Calm

    So. Much. To. Do. Those four words echo through my head every morning as soon as I hear that buzz roar on my nightstand. The alarm clock on my cellphone interrupts my dreams buzzing loudly as if to remind me, “You haven’t applied for your Visa yet! Did you forget how important that is?” Or […]

  • Putting it all together

    Add content – whatever we want to blog about.   and here’s the video…  

  • Updating your profile

  • Getting the most from WordPress

    The new setup we have for our makes use of some of the really powerful blogging features available on wordpress. The interface is exactly the same as you are used to, so nothing to worry about there, we’re just going to make sure we tick a few more boxes and upload images in the […]