• TV shows that are worth binging during level 3 restrictions

    While we are not allowed to meet up with family and friends indoors anymore, with the exception of extended households, that does not mean that we shouldn’t hang out with our friends online!  In this post, I will introduce you to two Google Chrome extensions called Teleparty, (previously Netflix Party), and TwoSeven. Teleparty lets you stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO content while […]

  • How to have a Productive Saturday

    With the way the world is at the minute, sometimes it can be hard to fill your days. When you have a free day, it is very easy to just stick Netflix on and stay in bed. However, there are a few things you can do that will make you feel better, physically and mentally. […]

  • Quick & Easy Student Meals!

    My Grandpa always says that “one should eat to live, not live to eat”. I think that I lie somewhere in the middle. While I love to eat good food, I can never be bothered to spend more than twenty minutes making a meal. As a self-proclaimed lazy cook, here are some of my favourite […]

  • Staying Happy in Your Space

    As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, and as we all know from simply being human in 2020, we’ve begun to spend a lot more time in spaces such as our bedrooms, or just our homes in general, than we ever used to due to the pandemic. I’m hoping this blog post will give you […]

  • Trying Again: Falling in Love with Blogging

    It’s a strange time, between a global pandemic and university. I have struggled to know what to feel again, I know I must not be the only one. It feels like I am standing in a queue to get back on the second ride of the emotional rollercoaster (thanks COVID!). I have tried to further […]

  • The ONE New Year’s resolution that you should be making…

    Hey there! Joanne here! 🐰 First and foremost, Happy New Year, Dundee! It’s been a blast! Here’s a little video about why you should really just drop your work before you drop from exhaustion. So basically— go to bed. Anyway, sorry about the “clickbait” title… but hey! It’s clickbait for a reason! I’m a bit […]

  • Leaving home to go home: Thoughts From a Foreign Student

    For some reason, this take me by surprise every single year: Christmas. I don’t know what it is about the fall semester, but it seems to be flying by at the blink of an eye. Just as we’re all caught up in deadlines, exams and getting used to the days getting so much shorter, it […]

  • My First Week Living In Accommodation

    I have lived in Dundee for most of my life and have always loved living in the city. I have had many opportunities for moving away but always decided against it, this city will always be home for me. I have just moved out of the family home and into student accommodation. I wanted to […]

  • #2018HomeStretch

    It’s been a crazy few weeks with deadlines hitting me left, right and centre, and now revision for exams is taking over, but I managed to find some inspiration for a blog post that won’t just be me banging on about how difficult this time of year is at uni! It’s always good to take […]

  • Weekend at Home

    It was my 20th birthday last weekend so, once all my classes had finished on Friday, my boyfriend and I hopped on the train down south for celebrations! One of my favourite things about going home during term time is getting the chance to chill and completely forget about all your responsibilities at uni. It’s […]