• Careers series for Law students: Part 2 – Virtual work experience

    In the second part of the career series for law students, I want to talk about work experience. With the current climate it may feel at times that it is impossible to get any experience in the field of study you are interested in. However, there are so many exciting opportunities available to you from […]

  • Careers series for Law Students: Part 1 – Solicitor, Barrister or…neither?

    During your time at university it is often difficult to know when you *really* need to start thinking about what is next. What steps do I need to take to achieve my dreams? How do I make my CV and/or applications stand out from everyone else’s? How do I prepare for interviews? What skills do […]

  • Best things to get involved with at Dundee to further your career

    A round-up of my favorite parts of University life When I was wondering what to write my next blog on, I came up with the idea of writing a roundup of my favorite parts of university life, that have helped my career. Within the university, there are hundreds of opportunities to get involved with stuff […]

  • What I learned during my internship with Luath Press

    Since my first internship ever in the publishing industry last semester, I have been quite keen on getting more experience and knowledge within the industry. Therefore I was thrilled to get a week-long internship with the book publishing company¬†Luath Press. To be honest I didn’t know that much about how a book publishing office works. […]

  • Networking

    From first year I have been taking opportunities to travel around the UK for varies networking events. Normally these are expense paid and offer great insights into different companies and getting to travel around the UK. A lot of these events are London based, which means having traveled from Scotland you stand out from the […]

  • Dundee University China Exchange

              The University of Dundee offers an opportunity for students to take part in a summer school hosted by the Eastern Chinese University of Science and Technology (ECUST). This 8-week program based in Shanghai allows you the amazing opportunity to see not only what Shanghai has to offer but also Nanjing […]

  • Scottish Graduate Fair 2017

    It’s important to remember that there’s a lot more to University life than just going to classes, studying, and getting through exams. Whether it’s joining a sports team, a society, or becoming a class rep, there’s a lot of extra-curricular activities that you can participate in to enrich your university experience, especially at UoD. It’s […]

  • How I Got a Paid Internship After First-Year

    It is common knowledge that first years DO NOT get internships but I was quite determined to prove that wrong. With the help of the Careers Service and quite a lot of free time, my application process started. I must admit, I started quite late as application season starts in September and this was December. […]