Mental Health

  • Things to do in Lockdown

    I thought I’d make a little blog post of things we can all do to keep ourselves busy during lockdown. After almost 8 weeks, I think I’ve found some really useful ways to keep myself busy and not let my mind wander and start to worry too much about everything that’s going on! Obviously we […]

  • Creating a Routine in Isolation

    I’ve been self isolating for a few weeks now and I think the only way I’ve got through it without losing my mind is by creating a routine. If anyone is struggling in isolation or finding it really hard to get motivated to do anything, I hope this blog post can help! First of all, […]

  • The importance of exercise

    It is very strange how quickly everything has changed: from going about my day, going to work, uni, gym, walks, to suddenly rushing for home while leaving everything back in what quickly felt like a ghost town. I usually like being able to mentally prepare for the next steps I plan, but in this case, […]

  • Self Care Day

    Sometimes we all have to take a day off and really care for ourselves. Whether you’ve just had a lot on your plate, or you’re struggling with some mental health issues, it is so important that we listen to our minds and bodies and take a day off when we can. In this blog post, […]


  • Growing Up Feminist : a Fond Fem Soc Farewell

    The cliché of joining the university feminist society after a bad break-up isn’t lost on me. Neither is becoming president. And sure, it might have been the catalyst that made me all feminist and angry again but if I’m even more honest, I always was. The first time I noticed that there was a difference […]

  • The ONE New Year’s resolution that you should be making…

    Hey there! Joanne here! 🐰 First and foremost, Happy New Year, Dundee! It’s been a blast! Here’s a little video about why you should really just drop your work before you drop from exhaustion. So basically— go to bed. Anyway, sorry about the “clickbait” title… but hey! It’s clickbait for a reason! I’m a bit […]

  • Bouncing back from bad grades

    I was disappointed with my mark in a recent assignment and it was just what I needed.   This semester I got the worst grade I have ever received on an assignment. I enjoyed the subject so I had no difficulties submitting the coursework. I felt secure in the knowledge that, whilst what I had […]

  • Dealing with Loneliness at Uni

    For something that almost every student will experience whilst at university, loneliness is not something that students generally talk about. I would love to break the stigma and get people talking about what makes them feel lonely at university and ways to prevent the feeling from becoming overwhelming. So, yes, this post is a bit […]

  • Camperdown Park: A 20 minute Get Away Before Your Exam Dread Hits

    Hey there! Joanne here! 🐰 Do you have some dreadful deadlines dropping in? Is the mere thought of sitting yet another awful paper just making you shudder? Is an existential crisis coming along? Well, look no further! Just a 35-minute bus ride from Overgate shopping centre would get you to the lovely Camperdown Country Park. […]

  • Global to Local

    A few words about the uni’s Global Room, and why it’s one of the coolest places on campus.