Mental Health

  • Trips around Scotland

    Trip to Edinburgh/Aberdeen With Dundee only being about an hour away from both Aberdeen and Edinburgh, that makes day trips to two very different cities very possible. Something which I do regularly, almost every week! I got a railcard with my Santander student Account, which means this trip only costs 20 pounds return! View from […]

  • Ultimate Highlands Introduction

    If you aren’t from Scotland and came to study here, you probably heard plenty of exciting stories about the highlands. You might be thinking about visiting them – and you should. However, the Highlands are a rather large area, so it can be tricky to plan your first trip. This post is here to help […]

  • What I Liked and Didn’t Like About Fresher’s Week

    Hi there! I’m a few months late, but here’s my first post and video, giving you an honest review about what I found great and not so great at about Fresher’s Week! If you have any questions, feel free to comment on my latest youtube video or just right here! All the best, 🐰 Joanne

  • MTB in Scotland

    A few words about cycling around here. 

  • In Lieu of World Mental Health Awareness Day

    In lieu of World Mental Health Awareness Day which – was this past Thursday – I thought today would be an apt time to share my experience of mental health during university, in the hope that this might help at least one person to reach out and ask for help if they are needing it. […]

  • First Month of First Year!

    Well Everyone, whether we have just begun first year or are beginning another year of university, we have made it through Month One! I have learned so much in four weeks! First being, getting lost is entirely normal. I have to admit that trying to read the room directions was not the easiest beginning to […]

  • The Best Years Of Your Life

    “ Your time at University are the best years of your life” I’m sure we have all heard this sentence or a variation of it at some point or another. Over the last couple of years, I’ve struggled to empathise with this phrase and the false promises it suggests. I don’t know how many times […]

  • Tentsmuir Getaway

    The northeast tip of Fife has an area of a pretty pine forest and sand dunes. Whether it is that you want to get away from the city hum, or you explored Dundee already, and you crave for a new place to discover, Tentsmuir is always a good option. 

  • My First Week Living In Accommodation

    I have lived in Dundee for most of my life and have always loved living in the city. I have had many opportunities for moving away but always decided against it, this city will always be home for me. I have just moved out of the family home and into student accommodation. I wanted to […]

  • Creative, Sustainable Learning

    The University’s Main Library recently opened a new space for students to enjoy, and it is amazing: