Settling In

  • An American (Almost) in Dundee

    My name is Christina, I’m 32 years of age and I’m an American.  I am currently waiting for my Tier 4 Visa approval to come back from the lovely, wonderful (are you reading this, Visa people?) folks in New York to decide that I’m worthy of studying in Scotland. I also like long walks in […]

  • Out and About in Dundee

    This week I have had two whole days off work which is a rarity these days and so I decided to make the most of it and be as productive as possible!  My boyfriend and I compiled a list of things we want to do and places we want to eat at during the summer and throughout […]

  • Feed your Palm Trees

    This post goes out to Heather Hodge, and anyone else who read my infrequent blog posts concerning my generally irrelevant thoughts since last August. I’ve been meaning to post here for ages but I’m genuinely quite bad at doing things I want to do. I’ve got a small plant that looks like a palm tree, […]

  • I’m going to see Kate Bush. On stage, not at her house.

    I dropped my phone down the toilet a couple of days ago and now it won’t switch on. It’s okay though- I’ve got a ticket to see Kate Bush perform live and I now have a job, so I think I still come out on top. I’m still f l a b b e r […]

  • Thanks for The Coffee

    Adina yawned at me the other morning, and questioned why our entire first batch of deadlines occurred within the space of two weeks. Clutching a coffee and feeling equally deprived of sleep; I saw that she had a valid point. For weeks we have had only lectures, tutorials, and the expected abundance of reading. Now, […]

  • New start

    Due to the strike held by lecturers on the campus, for me this week was shorter by one lecture, unfortunately. The Universities, (not just our Uni) and their lecturers have reached an impasse recently and are seeking for an agreement as to rise wages. Although I cannot tell too much about Thursday’s strike as I […]

  • Flat Hunt 2014

    It is that time of year when everyone is frantically snapping up their favourite places to live for the next academic year. So I thought I would post some advice… TIPS ON LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO LIVE Choose the right flatmates, with the same priorities I wanted to leave the house I’m staying in […]

  • Long Distance

    So here is a subject that I’m sure concern a lot of people. Long distance relationships. I started my relationship in Dundee. We lived quite close for about a year and a half, which was awesome (when I say close, I mean 10 mins for a while and then about 3 mins!). During this time, […]

  • 3 weeks of freedom

    Having 3 weeks of holiday and nowhere to go has been a rather unusual experience for me. During my working life I usually managed to squeeze as much travelling as possible out of my vacation allowance, meaning that I very rarely spent free time at home relaxing. Even when I left the office and moved […]