• Matriculating Late……Settling in…

    A month ago when most other people where busy packing bags, trying to set everything and saying goodbyes to their families, I was doing nothing but  sitting and staring at the walls. There was some complication with my visa process therefore I had to stay back home for a while. I had heard so much about the […]

  • 100 Awkward Conversations

    “Hi, what’s your name? What are you studying?” As someone who is staying at home for university, my main concern was making friends. People who stay in halls are almost guaranteed an immediate social circle to call themselves a member of: a group of strangers are thrown into a flat together, and told to survive. […]

  • Staying at Home

    I have a series of vivid memories from high school that revolve around seemingly endless meetings with my guidance teacher in that foul smelling office. In most of them, she is urging me to apply for halls. Of course, this was ridiculous. As someone who already lives a brief ten-minute bus ride from the city […]


    Hello! This year I will be telling my #UoDstory So here’s 10 things you might want to know about me before getting started: (1) I’m a fourth year law student (2) I just got back from doing ERASMUS in Leiden, the Netherlands (3) Where plenty of this happened (4) But also plenty of this (5) Which […]