Student Life

  • Building a Reading Habit

    Like many of you I’m sure, I have struggled to build a good reading habit since I came to university, due to both the lack of time and the amount of academic reading I have to do. But I’ve recently been working on this and have some tips that might help you out if you […]

  • Creating a Routine in Isolation

    I’ve been self isolating for a few weeks now and I think the only way I’ve got through it without losing my mind is by creating a routine. If anyone is struggling in isolation or finding it really hard to get motivated to do anything, I hope this blog post can help! First of all, […]

  • History Society Ball

    I thought in order to distract myself and any readers during the lockdown, I’d share my experience of the History Society Ball which was the last big social event I attended before gatherings were banned! The ball was on Friday 13th March at Apex Hotel Dundee, which marked our third year in a row spending […]

  • The importance of exercise

    It is very strange how quickly everything has changed: from going about my day, going to work, uni, gym, walks, to suddenly rushing for home while leaving everything back in what quickly felt like a ghost town. I usually like being able to mentally prepare for the next steps I plan, but in this case, […]

  • AGM Season

    Despite everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s AGM season at uni as usual! AGM stands for Annual General Meeting, and is a meeting in which a society or club elects next year’s committee. We’re lucky to have the technology available to us to allow us to continue with this tradition of […]

  • Surviving the Lockdown

    In my previous post, I mentioned that we are facing many changes at the moment. Indeed, things are escalating quickly into anxious times. It can be challenging to navigate through, so here are a few tips on how to survive the lockdown:

  • Facing Changes

    At the beginning of the week, any face to face teaching ended. Facilities shortly followed. The last standing, the main library, fell down yesterday. So did the pubs. Suddenly, some people sound like a record from Ministry: “The party’s over brothers and sisters, It’s the end of mankind as we know it” — I get […]

  • Hidden Dundee

    Everyone’s talking about the city centre and the Law. Yet there are loads of other gems worth checking. This post is about a few of my favorite spots that not many students know about:

  • Self Care Day

    Sometimes we all have to take a day off and really care for ourselves. Whether you’ve just had a lot on your plate, or you’re struggling with some mental health issues, it is so important that we listen to our minds and bodies and take a day off when we can. In this blog post, […]


  • Revisiting the Lakes

    Making an MTB loop on Skiddaw, a mountain in the northern Lake District.