Student Life

  • Open Days at UoD

    For those starting school again for their final year it can be a daunting time. Been turning up to school most mornings for as long as you can remember and now, suddenly, it’s almost over and you think, “What next?” At least, I remember that’s how I felt this time four years ago. One thing […]

  • Make the Most of First Year

    Over the past week seeing the new freshers moving into student accommodation and settling in, it made me nostalgic about my first year and when I was in their shoes. My first year at university is where some of my best memories lie, and out of my three years in Dundee first year was my […]

  • Discovering the UK- Part 3

    On my ongoing adventures throughout the UK, my next stop was Edinburgh. I have been to Edinburgh plenty of times before, but my main reason of going was because of the famous Fringe Festival that is currently running. The Fringe Festival is one of the largest arts and cultural festivals in the world that runs […]

  • Packing for University

    I can remember packing for my first year like it was yesterday. “There’s no way you’re going to manage shorts in Scotland” and phrases similar were echoed by friends and family.  Everyone seemed to be under the impression Dundee was part of the Arctic circle or thereabouts! Don’t worry Scotland really isn’t always as cold […]

  • Discovering the UK- Part 1

    Now that the summer break has begun and all submissions have been submitted, it is time to go on vacation! While there are so many things to do within Dundee and Scotland, as an international student howe -ver, I wanted to take the opportunity to travel to the other parts of the UK. My first […]

  • Crunch Time for Undergrads!

    Pound a Redbull, run 5 miles, sit on a green field, or procrastinate up until the wee hours before your exams, because no matter what you do, they are coming. Sure, I could have included some cliche line about “winter is coming”, but I think we’ve Game of Thrones’d out the universe on that one. […]

  • Spring Has Sprung!

    Spring is a glorious time of year.  The trees are flowering, the flowers are blooming. the sheep have welcomed their adorable little lambs, and a million other reasons.  The only downside is allergies, but thanks to a kindly gentleman inventing Benadryl some 70-odd years ago, many of us can now enjoy it without sneezing our […]

  • Happy Easter!

    Hey there, Welcome to a new blog post! I have never really been too fond of this time of year as it has always been either the build up to exams, the last leg of the school year or the holidays are never quite as exciting as Summer. This is especially key to me as […]

  • Preparing to Prepare

    Despite the fact that for many, classes have now come to an end, exams still loom around the corner; the easter holidays are a brief glimpse of freedom that will probably be snatched away by endless nights spent in the library. If you’re anything like me, studying will be the last thing you want to […]

  • Dissertations!

    Hey everyone! Long time no blog, as I have been in somewhat of a dissertation-induced hibernation (i.e. only leaving my laptop to go to work and then straight back home again). This dissertation has been my baby for the past year and now it has finally flown the nest! Yay! I have now completed the […]