Student Life

  • Careers series for Law Students: Part 1 – Solicitor, Barrister or…neither?

    During your time at university it is often difficult to know when you *really* need to start thinking about what is next. What steps do I need to take to achieve my dreams? How do I make my CV and/or applications stand out from everyone else’s? How do I prepare for interviews? What skills do […]

  • Tips for Prolonged Usage of Laptops

    As a Computer Science student, I already spend the majority of my time in front of a computer whether its in my room, in the library, in a café or in a lecture hall, and this is BEFORE quarantine! Now that everyone is in lockdown and are forced to use a computer/ any electronic device […]

  • How to Stay Warm Without Reliance on Heater

    So one of the things that international students (including me!) tend to underestimate is just how cold the winter here can get. Starting around November, the temperature can drop to 0 and the highest during midday will be 10 degrees. And if your accommodation unfortunately doesn’t have adequate heating or you’re trying to save a […]

  • Tips for Christmas on a Budget

    Today I thought I’d share with you my top 5 tips for doing Christmas shopping on a budget! I know a lot of us a students with not that much money behind us, so sticking to a budget is probably the best idea around Christmas time. Look out for student discounts. I mean, this tip […]

  • Resitting a Year – Semester 1

    This year I’m resitting 3rd-year architecture, which obviously wasn’t something I had planned to happen. When I found out I’d failed last year I was understandably devastated, but now it’s almost the end of the first semester, I can’t help but feel like maybe there are more good things to come out of it than […]

  • Sustainable Living

    There has become a major trend for innovation and new, exciting products. I myself am fully behind innovation and development for the planet and for us who live with challenges that can be helped with new technologies. While some of this is good, it has also has its drawbacks. Due to fast-pace change, companies strive […]

  • My top 5 tips for university students

    Being a university student can be hard, especially during these challenging times. That has made me discover different things that I wish I had realized earlier, but I’m glad I got them down while I’m still a fresher! Hope they can help you as much as they have helped me 🙂  1. Take time to […]

  • How to Make a Snowflake Christmas Decoration

    Fold a square piece of paper into 8, as shown in the picture below. 2. Round off the edges so that the folded sides are the same length. (A = B) 3. Cut your design into the paper, and unfold it. (You could stop at this stage if you just want paper decorations.) 4. Attach […]

  • Cyber Monday Edition: Buying laptop for university

    Cyber Monday and Christmas deals are offering laptops at amazing prices. The challenging part now is selecting which laptop is best suited for you and your university course. I had spent days researching for my laptop before I had bought the one that was fit for me. We all know about setting up a budget, […]

  • How to Keep on Top of Deadlines

    Around this time in the semester, it seems like all our deadlines hit us at once. I’ve got a couple of tips that will hopefully help you if you’re struggling with this like I am! Firstly, if you haven’t already, make a note of when all your deadlines are. It might be worth structuring this […]