Student Societies

  • All Seasons

    Experiencing snow, sun, nature, and culture during another trip of UoD photographic society last Sunday.

  • Highlands Magic

    Experiencing spectacular conditions while climbing the majestic Ben Oss.

  • Tay’s Tributaries

    The river Tay, on which Dundee is based, has the largest discharge in the UK. It is fueled by streams all over the lower region of the Highlands, and thanks to the local landscapes, they often have some nice waterfalls on their way. Waterfalls are great to try out techniques like long exposure in practice, […]

  • Being President of a Society

    In this blog post I wanted to share what it’s really like being the President of a Society at university as it’s coming up to AGM time when committees are elected for the next academic year. Obviously I only have my experiences to comment on so it could be different depending on the society! Firstly, […]

  • From Struggles to Happiness

    Self-reflection on challenges, riding bikes, living the dream.

  • Manmade Marvels

    Scotland contributed to the world some groundbreaking inventions. Watt’s steam engine, telephone, pedal bicycle, and television, to name a few. There are some grand engineering achievements here too, few of which we visited with the photographic society today.

  • Annual Ball Season

    It’s that time of year again when the invites start flying out for Annual Ball celebrations! If you aren’t at university yet, or if you’re in first year, you might not be fully aware of what an Annual Ball includes, so it would make sense to clarify that first! Annual Balls are usually organised by […]

  • Hands-on

    Having fun while learning is the key to enjoy Uni.

  • Highlands Cryotherapy

    Freezing worries and misery in the UK’s largest national park.

  • Steall Adventures

    Visiting the Glen Nevis and some stunning mountains nearby.