Student Societies

  • A day in the life of a year 2 Medical student

    Last year, I wrote a post about my day as a year 1 medical student. And from the looks of it, seems like a lot of you enjoyed it and thank you for stopping me in Ninewells to tell me how informative the post was! That’s why I do this. So, to carry on that […]

  • How to make friends: Take 2

    Last year, around this time, I wrote a blog post about how to make friends. It’s been a year since, so I thought let’s review the advice I gave and see how successful I have been in making friends. Ok, so let’s the facts straight: Do I have friends? – Yes Do I have close […]

  • The lead up to the festival of lights!

    If you’ve been exposed to Indian culture you would know our celebrations are often big, colourful and LOUD. This month we will be celebrating the festival of Diwali which has both religious and cultural significance to Indians all around the world. Diwali is known as the festival of lights as it is accompanied by hundreds […]

  • Week 1 in Dundee: Life on the other side of the North Sea

    In what feels like the blink of an eye, Freshers’ week has passed, and real university life has officially kicked off with days full of workshops and lab practicals. Here are some thoughts on the first week. I came to the university with no expectations, but to be fair I was a bit apprehensive about […]

  • The Scottish Schools’ Orientation Camp for Singaporeans

    Hey guys! It’s been almost 5 months since my last post and yes, I have been given the opportunity to continue writing about my journey in Dundee for another year; which is awesome btw! Ok, to start with a quick update: my exam results came, didn’t do as well as I would have wanted but […]

  • Time to Empty the Toy Box

    I believe university is a wonderful place to explore new ideas and challenge existing ones and my friend Hope Carolan, a DJCAD student, did exactly that recently by initiating a gathering outside of Caird Hall for the support of the UN conference for nuclear disarmament. Hope and thirteen others took to the streets adorned with paper […]

  • Holi- The Festival of Colours

    The University of Dundee Indian Society (UDIS) had one of its biggest events this weekend called Holi- the festival of colours. This event has been very popular throughout the years and is defiantly a crowd favourite as everyone wants to get involved. The event itself was a result of a whole committee effort. Holi is […]

  • #IWD2017

    Happy International Women’s Day!  Today is all about celebrating diverse, inspirational, opinionated, talented and all-round amazing women- as well as hopefully encouraging people to get involved in the Feminist movement (in whatever way that may be). I thought it would be appropriate to write a post on why Dundee, and UoD, is a great place […]

  • Discover the entrepreneur in you!

    Entrepreneurship is defined as the process of the designing, launching and running a small business such as a start-up company. University of Dundee provides you with all necessary opportunity to help you achieve that goal. Let me share my unexpected discovery, and how a group of friends and I developed our very own business! The […]

  • Chinese New Year 2017

    As a student from Singapore, Chinese New Year is one thing we are used to celebrating every year. This 2 week long festive season is a fun filled time of eating and meeting new friends. In Singapore, Chinese New Year is always a big thing, you will see decorations everywhere: on the streets and in […]