Student Societies

  • Surviving Dundee 101

    As a student, money is never enough! (Will it ever?) As such, many of us will start doing stuff we think will be cheap but instead actually cost us more! Read on for some of my tips (some by me and some by others) which I hope will help you survive in this city. You […]

  • Freshers Week – Part 1

    Hey there! It is already halfway through Freshers week! As a fresher I must say it has been an amazing week so far. I have been fortunate enough to meet so many lovely people through – my course, Christian Union and general socialising. In between binging on Netflix whilst in my flat and skyping my […]

  • Creative Cooking Society

    With the new module running and final thesis handed out- on which I’ll be working on for the next 6-7 months, all the students are suggested to set-up a personal blog which could be used as a portfolio. The idea is to reflect on things you experience everyday or just a record of your work […]

  • Rotary 2

    Rotary Club of Dundee has been so kind to the University that they invited a few international students over their annual lunch for international students and friends to give them/us a view about the Rotarians’ job and about this particular Dundee Rotary Club’s work worlide. Thanks to the University’s International Service division, I had the […]

  • Close to an end

    It’s this time of the semester that feels the busiest so far, when I have my coursework, assessments and exams which are coming up very soon. Although this semester will be a bit shorter than the first one – or I just simply feel it quicker – as I will finish in 2 weeks with […]

  • Rotary Club

    This week’s been a bit longer, at least it felt longer and sluggish for me. As usual, there’s been work, lot of studies, lectures and thanks to the University and Claverhouse Rotary Club, I and 29 other international students had the opportunity to meet each other and meet those organized the Games Night (for those […]

  • What does it feel like to not be tired

    I haven’t posted anything for a long, long time but I promise I’m still here and you don’t have to worry. In comparison to life before university the last few weeks have been quite crazy -2.30 am finishes in the library really take it out of me! Hahahahhaha no that’s a lie. I seem to […]

  • Excuse me for not blogging last week

    Firstly, I would like to apologize for not writing any blog last week. I was going to send one just after the event with the Rector, but then I got occupied with writing a report which is part of the assessment, and I ended up spending my whole weekend with gathering information for the report, […]

  • Head in the clouds

    One of the main factors in my decision to study in Scotland was the opportunity to get out into the countryside more often. So when I had to finally commit myself to joining some sports clubs, I steered clear of those which involved the sports centre, and chose the Sailing and Rucksack (hiking and climbing) […]

  • Busy life in the University

    Less positive thing about living in the suburbs is that I have to travel too much. Far too much. Especially if this suburb is in another city than Dundee. Getting up very early in order to catch a bus means that my hours spent with sleeping are restricted. To meet the self-study requirements for every […]