• Bargain Adventures

    As someone who tries to travel as much as I can, having a budget is integral. I also ignore it a lot, but that’s a separate issue. I was lucky enough to grow up in a fairly transient household, so the idea of moving around is high on my list of priorities, but with the […]

  • MacLaren on a Munro

    You know that feeling when the mountains are calling and you want to get up at 5 on a Saturday morning to scramble up the side of a mountain through the bog and freeze your fingers off while eating lunch sitting on some frozen stone? No? Just me then? Mountains are magical. I realise they’re […]

  • A day in the life of a Singaporean! – All Scots Weekend 2017!!

    So now that we are in early November, it was time for another Singaporean meetup this time organised by the UKSSC (United Kingdom Singaporean Student Council) and supported by our very own Dundee University Singaporean Society (DUSG). The event was a great success and both societies received praises from so many different sources. All of […]

  • European Adventures (Down Memory Lane)

    One of the great appeals of studying in the UK is the ability to make budget trips to Europe. During my second year, my cousin sister and I made a short whirlwind tour of Europe to London, Paris and Venice. It was the first time I had organised a holiday on my own and needless […]

  • Beach Bums

      Once upon a time, my parents moved from our beloved home city of Delft to a town nestled behind the Dutch dunes to be closer to the beach, and I despised the beach for about a year because it was windy and sandy and not home. But at some point a shift occurred and […]

  • Skye-driving

    The first thing I did when I found out that I’ll be moving to Dundee was to make a list of all the places I could visit nearby. Scottish Highlands were one of them; right near the very top! This is my experience of travelling around the Isle of Skye over a weekend, and some things I’d do differently when I plan my next trip!

  • Edinburgh & Photography

    I recently took a trip with the photography society here at Dundee (DUPS) to Edinburgh – what a whirlwind. I think I saw more in two days than some people get to see in a lifetime of living in Edinburgh, but that just be because people who live in a place think they have all […]

  • A day out in St. Andrews

    Sometimes the pressures that university brings calls for a day out with your friends, just to explore and forget about those crushing deadlines for a bit. While Dundee has plenty of opportunities for days out, sometimes your desire for escape will lead you further afield. St. Andrews is a quaint, seaside student town with surprisingly […]

  • My Advocate Adventure

    I am just back from one of the most rewarding and exciting weekends I may have ever been on! I was lucky enough to be chosen earlier in the year to become one of Girlguiding UK advocates which basically means that I am one of 18 female spokeswomen on behalf of the charity. Some of […]

  • Discovering the UK- Part 3

    On my ongoing adventures throughout the UK, my next stop was Edinburgh. I have been to Edinburgh plenty of times before, but my main reason of going was because of the famous Fringe Festival that is currently running. The Fringe Festival is one of the largest arts and cultural festivals in the world that runs […]