• 5 TV shows to binge-watch this weekend

    If you or your friends are still battling with freshers flu and you cannot meet up to hang out, fear not! There is a Google Chrome extensions called Teleparty, (previously Netflix Party), and TwoSeven. Teleparty lets you stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO content while also letting all users chat, pause and rewind the movie or tv show. […]

  • My all-time favourite TV shows

    Today I decided to talk about my all-time favourite TV shows and my favourite characters in them! Gossip Girl is a timeless classic for those who like to pretend we could fit in with the New York’s elite. From the beautiful designer clothes featured, to the plot twists we can only read about in Wattpad […]


  • Series I have binge watched this semester

    Hiya! I am back and ready to inspire your binge-watching with my very own list of series I have procrastinated with this semester. I recently gained access to my very own Disney+ account (thank you O2 <3) and so I really took full advantage of it. From Disney+ shows I have watched: Black-is – 10/10 […]

  • Should I watch this? 5 Netflix shows to binge this semester!

    I have recently been binging so much content on Netflix that I decided I should share my favourites so you have something new (or old!) to (re)watch this semester. Enjoy! The Big Bang Theory This one I binge watch in less than two months! That is 12 seasons the flew by so fast and left […]

  • Should I watch this? Review of 10 Netflix hit movies

    Red Notice – 10/10 Should I watch this? Absolutely!!! I cannot stress enough how good this gem is. Such plot twists and great storyline, even has a guest star you would never expect to see.  2. Love Hard – 5/10 Should I watch this? Only if you really enjoy extremely predictable, cheesy, Christmas rom-com movies. […]

  • Shows I’ve Been Binging During Lockdown 2!

    Another year, another lockdown…and not much has changed. We’re all stuck at home with no responsibilities other than uni work but sometimes we’ve got to take a break. So here I am revealing what shows I’ve been watching when I’m procrastinating.  Tiger King This is a wee throw back to the first Lockdown and I […]

  • Some Ways to Watch TV without Paying a Subscription Fee

    Now that we’re all being forced to spend a lot more time indoors due to both the weather and the pandemic situation, it could be very easy to run out of things to watch. So why not try something new? Here are some of the things I recommend that you can watch for free. The […]

  • My Top Films For Getting Into The Christmas Spirit!

    Are you feeling festive? With 2 assignments due on Monday, I’m not quite there yet either. You can bet though that as soon as I hit submit on that last essay, I’ll be putting on a pair of Christmas pyjamas and cosying up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and popping on […]

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  • TV Programmes Worth Binge-Watching

    I know we’re all working very hard at the moment, but we all deserve a break!! In this blog post, I’ve rounded up my top 5 TV programmes that I’ve watched recently that I thoroughly recommend you watch. The Crown (Netflix) : This is one of my favourite shows of all time! Season 4 has […]

  • TV shows that are worth binging during level 3 restrictions (part 2)

    While we are not allowed to meet up with family and friends indoors anymore, with the exception of extended households, that does not mean that we shouldn’t hang out with our friends online!  In part 1 of the post, I linked two different Google Chrome extensions that can connect you with your friends and family, helping you watch videos online, while also […]