• First post as a student blogger

    I am David, 18 years old and I am the very new member of the student blogger’s team. I would like to give you a short introduction of myself. I came from Hungary to join an Undergraduate course at the University of Dundee. I will be studying Business Management which will last for 6 years […]

  • Hello everyone!

    As you might already know my name is Ivana, I’m from Croatia and I’m about to start LLB Law degree. What you probably don’t know is that I’m 27 years old. I’m only mentioning my age because it is connected to one of my concerns which I will discuss later on, but let me first […]

  • Groeten uit Nederland

    or, ‘hi from The Netherlands’! My name’s Natasha and for the past year or so I’ve been living a double life – software developer by day, medical school applicant by night. On the one hand running like a hamster on a wheel trying to meet deadlines at work, and on the other preparing for the […]

  • Namaste

    Namaste or Hello! I’m Hans and I’m from India. Okay… Before you start to wonder, ‘Hmm it’s strange for an Indian guy to have a German name’, let me tell you folks, my full name is Hanshuman Jeet Tuteja and my friends (here, of course) find it pretty difficult to pronounce it correctly… or even […]

  • Degree Show: Architecture and DJCAD

    Today, I went to look round the degree show properly, as it was a bit of a squeeze on the opening night, with so many people there! Here are some highlights from the architects, which I photographed mainly as inspiration for techniques that I could try in the future, rather than for the design necessarily. […]

  • Easter Holidays

    Whoops! I seem to have not posted in a long time! My apologies! We are now in the Easter holidays, which last for 3 weeks :O I don’t think I have ever had such long holidays at this time of year before! Though of course this is the time when most courses are studying for […]

  • Deadlines and new library!

    Ack ,so my SSC and my case discussions are due in next week, as well as my next formative the following week… needless to say it’s been very busy here. But the new Ninewells library has been opened! It’s all shiny and new, and I even did a bit of work in it today. The […]

  • Work…

    So I’m not sure exactly what I have to update since my last post. Perhaps it is described most accurately in the advice my tutor gave me at me tutorial; “more of the same”. Ok of course they give you better and more advice than just that (there was a lot more going on in […]

  • Ready. Plan. Action…

    Am frantically trying to convince myself to start cycling to uni, but the snow/ice/frost/wind and generally brrrrr weather is pretty off-putting right now.  Also trying to organise time effectively as have hand-ins and exams on the horizon.  So far have made a plan (something along the lines of research, write up, revise), to be put […]

  • Snoooowwww

    Apologies for the lack of updates – cardiovascular is turning out to be a very busy unit, with a lot of online modules to complete. Anyway, I was just posting this to say I am in the process of flat searching (more on this when I have viewed more flats, but in the mean time […]