• Advice for Aspiring Streamers

  • Can You Use a Skateboard to Commute?

    This one is a follow-up on my last post which was highlighting the nicer sides of skateboarding around Dundee. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for people wanting to use a skateboard in their daily commute though. My honest recommendations would be looking into a Penny board or any kind of longboard if you want […]

  • I will adventure again

    With the weather getting warmer, days getting longer and eased restrictions moving closer (hopefully), I am starting to get back to planning bigger adventures a little further from Dundee, in hopes that they will be possible in some form this summer. In the spirit of adventure inspiration, I have dug out some past adventure video […]

  • Skateboarding in Dundee

    Skateboarding is fun. And it isn’t that expensive to get into. There is a skatepark at Dudhope Park. But there are also nice flat areas available for practicing. We have also come across a few hidden ramps in the city. Those are located under the Tay Road Bridge.

  • Have You Considered Tennis?

    Dundee has a few free tennis courts. The ones we usually visit are located at Dudhope park. They are completely free. However, booking is available online. It’s just in case there would not be a free court upon your arrival.

  • What Was the Hash Code 2021 Challenge?

  • And then it really started snowing…

    Just a couple of days ago I’ve published the first part of our snowy adventures throwback vlog. This video was filmed on February 9th and followed the first initial snow event. We totally did not expect it to start snowing so heavily. But it did.

  • It was snowing just a few weeks ago!

    The sun is out more often, the temperature is rising and it’s starting to feel like Spring is finally here! However, don’t forget what happened just a few weeks ago. This is a quick throwback to February 8th. First part of our snowy adventures.

  • New Year, New Me Is a MEME

  • Covid Can’t Stop Me – Tier 3 Adventuring

    I may have gotten stuck in Dundee for all. of 2020 thanks to Covid, but there is no way I could let that mess up my year. And while proper multi-day adventure trips may not really be a possibility right now, my adventurer heart decided it was time for some Covid defiance and I spent […]