• My Experience Living in Student Accommodation

    Living in student accommodation is a large part of student life for many. Moving into halls and living with people you have never met before can seem like a terrifying experience. The excitement of living away from home can also come with many worries. For my first year of university, I lived in Heathfield. Heathfield […]

  • Living in a Private Let Flat

    The move from home to halls is difficult enough, but most of us take that next step in second year and go onto living in a private let flat, which is a whole different kettle of fish. After living here for about 4 weeks now, I think I can comment on it, even though I […]

  • Getting a Flat in Dundee

    Recently I signed the lease on my student flat for my second year in Dundee. The process was incredibly easy and I’d like to share my experience to help anyone else thinking about renting a student flat or wondering what it’s like trying to rent a flat in Dundee. Firstly, there are plenty of letting […]

  • Bargain Adventures

    As someone who tries to travel as much as I can, having a budget is integral. I also ignore it a lot, but that’s a separate issue. I was lucky enough to grow up in a fairly transient household, so the idea of moving around is high on my list of priorities, but with the […]

  • Living in student halls

    The time has almost come where you now just have less than 3 weeks before you start this new journey in university. I remember this time last year I had a million thoughts going through my mind from excitement of beginning a new phase in my life, to being scared and a little sad to […]

  • Next stop – Dundee

    For all you new freshers out there, you now just have over a month left before heading to Dundee! That’s exciting isn’t it? However I can completely understand if this is a bit overwhelming too… I remember this time last year I was going a bit crazy, as there was just so much to do! […]

  • Lost duckling

    It’s been a while since my last post. Probably around 10 days, maybe more. 10 incredibly busy and crazy days. I thought moving abroad would be easier second time around, I was wrong! I’ve been running around in circles, completely lost. I’ve also developed a technique that worked rather well so far it’s called „They […]

  • Home Sweet (New) Home

    Moving to Dundee this year, I had a decision to make.  Where to live?  With my parents living twenty minutes from Dundee, I could have easily moved back in with them.  But after four years of independent living, working to my own timetable, eating when I want, and not feeling bad about getting home noisily […]