• De-stressing

    To say that this time of year is hectic would be an understatement. With exams, coursework, presentations and the busy run-up to Christmas in both personal and work life, it’s easy to forget that this is supposed to be the time to relax and be with family. The late nights cramming in the library surrounded […]

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  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

    So here we are in December already. First thing most people think of when they think of December is probably Christmas.. Food, gifts, family, getting cosy in front of the TV with a hot chocolate maybe? For most students though deadline and exam season comes first and having a double shot flat white in front […]

  • Life as an Economics with Spanish student

    One of the biggest (and best) differences between school and university learning is the flexibility. Once you start university, mundane awakenings to be met with the same school routine every day become a distant memory. Each day is different – different classes, different times, different people. If I have no early morning classes I tend […]

  • Learning at University

    Almost everything changes when you move to university and the way you learn is no exception! The biggest jump is from being told exactly what you need to do, all the time, to being almost completely independent at university. One issue I have with learning at university is motivating myself. You can talk to other […]

  • How to make friends: Take 2

    Last year, around this time, I wrote a blog post about how to make friends. It’s been a year since, so I thought let’s review the advice I gave and see how successful I have been in making friends. Ok, so let’s the facts straight: Do I have friends? – Yes Do I have close […]

  • Tips and Tricks on Making Friends

    We’ve all watched the cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S – if you haven’t I strongly suggest you do before you continue – pile onto their celebrated couch and envied their friendship. Having a solid group of people to laugh, celebrate (and moan about deadlines) with is a key part of uni life and will get you through […]

  • Friendship at Uni

    My first two weeks at Dundee have felt like starting a new school, having to introduce myself so often and start afresh with new people that I’ve never met before. So, after two weeks of practice, here are some of my tips on how to break the ice when making new friends at uni! I […]

  • Week 2 Semester 1

    Ahhh! Windy weather, mostly sunny but always nice…I kinda missed the Dundee weather. But no worries, I am here and I can’t wait to start. To start off, welcome back to my fellow year 2s (yes, we made it!) Well, I am sure by now you would have read so many blogs on how amazing […]

  • A Journey: A Level Results Day to Moving In

    If you’re an A Level student thinking about applying to Dundee or any Scottish university, or just interested, here I share my experiences over the last two weeks. Results Day My results day was smooth, simple and successful. I found out I’d been accepted by Dundee quite early which was such a relief. Soon after, […]

  • The Fun of Freshers’ Week

    So summer is almost over and that can only mean one thing – freshers week is just around the corner. Hard to believe it’s going to be my fourth round at one of the biggest weeks on Dundee’s social calendar. For a lot of people who have just left school and got their place at university (congratulations) […]