• T MINUS 4 WEEKS (Freshers’ tips!)

    As I sit in the office during summer placement eating a tuna sandwich and sipping on a hot cup of coffee looking out at the bleak and drizzly August- yes August- sky, I had to remind myself (and all of you) that it’s not all doom and gloom. Yes- summer may be almost over, my tan may be […]

  • The Storm Before the Calm

    So. Much. To. Do. Those four words echo through my head every morning as soon as I hear that buzz roar on my nightstand. The alarm clock on my cellphone interrupts my dreams buzzing loudly as if to remind me, “You haven’t applied for your Visa yet! Did you forget how important that is?” Or […]

  • Summer Reading

    I thought I’d give some advice to any soon to be architecture students. I am sure that you will be given a list of books from your uni, and it is a really good idea to have a look at at least a couple of these before you start your course. I found that it […]

  • Beginning Semester Two

    We returned to Uni with a trip to Arbroath to visit out new site. After a chilly day of site analysis, and a spicy vege deli sandwich (my usual) at McDonalds, we returned to Dundee to start our work for the Friday submission. We have new tutors and tutor groups this term. I think it […]