• Paper Towers

    Our first week of uni (or what most people call Fresher’s week!) consisted of a project/competition to create the tallest tower out of 100 sheets of A4 and PVA glue and nothing more. It was very interesting to see the results as everyone’s attempts were very different. As we were working in pairs, I worked […]

  • Degree Show: Architecture and DJCAD

    Today, I went to look round the degree show properly, as it was a bit of a squeeze on the opening night, with so many people there! Here are some highlights from the architects, which I photographed mainly as inspiration for techniques that I could try in the future, rather than for the design necessarily. […]

  • Work…

    So I’m not sure exactly what I have to update since my last post. Perhaps it is described most accurately in the advice my tutor gave me at me tutorial; “more of the same”. Ok of course they give you better and more advice than just that (there was a lot more going on in […]

  • Beginning Semester Two

    We returned to Uni with a trip to Arbroath to visit out new site. After a chilly day of site analysis, and a spicy vege deli sandwich (my usual) at McDonalds, we returned to Dundee to start our work for the Friday submission. We have new tutors and tutor groups this term. I think it […]

  • Holiday

    On the 14th, I took the train to London to stay with my boyfriend, who works there. It was a good week. I went to visit the Roca Gallery with my godfather. The Roca Gallery in London was designed by Zaha Hadid and is often used as a venue for various exhibits. When we visited, it […]

  • The End Of Semester 1!

    So today, everyone in my course finally finished! It was a highly exciting day, especially for me as I had finished the day before and so today, I had a haircut and tried to pack. I wasn’t very successful with the packing, so I am doing that now. Well I’m clearly not as I am […]

  • DIA Awards Dinner

    Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend the DIA (Dundee Institute of Architects) Awards Dinner with the ADAS committee. Of course, it is open for people to attend and I could have gone independently but it was definitely better to go with a group and to be a part of representing our architecture association. Bonds between […]

  • ADAS

    I may have mentioned previously that the Architecture department has an Association of Dundee Architecture Students (ADAS) which plays a large part in life as an architecture student at Dundee! I have decided to join the committee. I have only been going to meetings for a couple of weeks but it is fun. ADAS caters […]

  • Studio

    I have named this post “Studio” as I have spent most of my life there for the past week! It feels like longer but yes it is only the start of week 3 now! We are on our third project, one that is 3 weeks long rather than 1 day and 4 days as the […]

  • First Few Days

    The start of Welcome Week has been good! On Monday, was the Welcome To Architecture lecture. At this, the head of first year, Cameron Wilson gave a brief (ish) overview of the years ahead. He also confirmed timings for various events over the coming week. I bought myself a diary to put all the information I […]