• How to Keep on Top of Deadlines

    Around this time in the semester, it seems like all our deadlines hit us at once. I’ve got a couple of tips that will hopefully help you if you’re struggling with this like I am! Firstly, if you haven’t already, make a note of when all your deadlines are. It might be worth structuring this […]

  • Essay Writing Technique

    As an English student, I’ve had to write a fair amount of essays in my time at university. I used to blunder through them, entirely unsure of where my argument was going, pulling quotations that seemed relevant from articles I’d never read. Where I might have produced a high-quality argument, I wasted more time trying […]

  • Diary of a Postgrad Student – no failure only feedback

    Before you worry, it’s ok, I didn’t fail my first assignment. But I didn’t do very well in it either. Let’s have a bit of context here. This was a paper that required me to pick a topic, do research, gather alternate views and write a discussion/analysis using references to explain my position. I have […]

  • Diary of a postgrad student – 5 stages of an assignment

    I have not had to write essays for many years. Despite this, I have found myself in familiar territory with my current assignments. Let me share with you my 5 stages of doing an assignment 1. Confusion When I am first given the assignment I have no idea what they want. It makes no sense […]