• I’m going to miss this view

    It might seem as if I’m done with my exams and have Christmas break. On the contrary, I have one of my exams in 1 hour – and another one on Tuesday. But Christmas break is not far away, and I just went through some of my photos, thinking that I would miss Dundee and […]

  • How to survive the exam period

    To all of you out there still day-dreaming about Christmas break… It’s exam period, you (I) forget how it’s like to have a life, you (I) update my home address to ’University Library’ and you (I) can’t find any valid reason for paying someone to let me do exams. You (I) look through out Facebook-news […]

  • All I want for Christmas is more Christmas markets

    Hi there! Yesterday was a great day to be an exchange student at University of Dundee. As mentioned in an earlier post, one of the perks of being in Dundee, is that it’s close to everything. Christmas does something to me, and so far I’ve been to four Christmas markets in November. First one in […]


    Ho ho ho! First semester is almost over (can you believe it) and it’s beginning look a lot like Christmas. So get yourself into town and check out what Dundee has to offer. Grab a crepe at the Christmas market and check out the lights at Caird Hall. I recommend a hot chocolate from Henry’s Coffee […]


  • Feeling Festive.

    Hey there, Welcome to a new blog post! Over the past week I have been starting to get into the festive spirit even with the dark nights and looming assignments. Last Friday I was able to attend the light switch on in Dundee. Not only was it a great evening with Christmas songs playing and […]

  • Dundee’s Light Night

    What was once a simple countdown followed by illumination, is now a full night of light and celebration to kick off Dundee’s Christmas season. Beautiful pieces of art lit the streets, and stalls for food and craft lined Slessor Gardens. This year was a celebration of innovation, not only paying tribute to Dundee’s digital footprint […]

  • Christmas Preparations in Dundee, 2016

    On Friday night the Dundee Christmas Tree’s lights were switched on, and I decided to go watch and see the event. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and I personally love to see all the festivities. There was a carousel for the children and even a bus converted into a little Santa’s grotto. […]

  • Dundee’s Light Nights

    Light Nights marked the finale of the Festival of Architecture 2016 and the beginning of the Christmas Season. Food vendors, craft sellers, and shops open later than normal with the promise of fireworks! Well… the fireworks were a bit of a let down, only because they had to cancel them about a minute into the […]

  • Preparing for the End of Term!

    At present, it is just under 13 days until the end of term! I have made a countdown (sad as I am) so I can keep checking up on both how long it is until the holidays as well as how long I have left to finish my project! See it here. I actually make […]

  • Holiday

    On the 14th, I took the train to London to stay with my boyfriend, who works there. It was a good week. I went to visit the Roca Gallery with my godfather. The Roca Gallery in London was designed by Zaha Hadid and is often used as a venue for various exhibits. When we visited, it […]