• Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

    So here we are in December already. First thing most people think of when they think of December is probably Christmas.. Food, gifts, family, getting cosy in front of the TV with a hot chocolate maybe? For most students though deadline and exam season comes first and having a double shot flat white in front […]

  • My tips to de-stress: Take 2

    SO this time last year, I was tasked to write down some destressing tips, but feedback was my tips were a bit too cliché and many pointed out most of them were just regurgitated tips given by many other before me. So this time I am gonna approach this from a more personal point of […]

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  • A day in the life of a year 2 Medical student

    Last year, I wrote a post about my day as a year 1 medical student. And from the looks of it, seems like a lot of you enjoyed it and thank you for stopping me in Ninewells to tell me how informative the post was! That’s why I do this. So, to carry on that […]

  • 5 Things to do this APRIL Break/study holidays……..

    Time passes in a blink of an eye.  I feel like it was just yesterday I arrived in Dundee when it was cold and dark now its spring already! So I thought you guys should have something to do other than being cooped up in your room binge watching TV series or studying. If you […]

  • Ways you can tackle the double SS’s: Stress and Studying

    So it’s that time of year where the library has become 24 hours, people are stocking up on red bull and coffee, and endless hours of revision become a routine of normal life… That’s right it’s the daunting exam period! Realistically speaking, some stress before and during the exams is literally inevitable, however it is […]


    For those of you who read my last post, you’ll remember I spoke about how exercise is scientifically proven to help de-stress and increase brain productivity (pretty helpful around exam time). However it dawned on me that going to the gym might be a relatively new thing to some or might even be something you’ve never done before. […]


  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    Hey there, Welcome to a new blog post! It is that time of year where it’s cold, dark and stressful. Exams, essays and assignments are looming and the only thing that seems to get people through is the thought of going home for Christmas. For the past week or so I have been transfixed on […]

  • My top 10 tips to de-stress!

    Well, examinations for most courses are just around the corner; and that means it’s time to burn the midnight oil to start catching up with the all the lectures you would have missed, thought  wasn’t “important” or just told yourself that you will get to it later (which we all know you just didn’t want […]



    It’s coming up for that dreaded time of year again: exams! In the next few weeks I guarantee we’re all going to wish we hadn’t missed that seminar after that night out or that we’d gone to the library and checked out more books before this point. But this happens to the best of us so don’t worry- it’s never […]

  • Take a break…

    Hey there, Welcome to a new blog post! I apologise for not posting last week. However, as indicated I took a break (mainly due to reading week), where I spent time at home and didn’t really focus too much on University work. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my time at home and away from the […]