• New Beginnings

    Hello! My name is Eilidh and for 2016/17 I will be in my fourth and FINAL year of my English degree here at Dundee, which is a very scary reality that I haven’t quite prepared myself for yet!During the summer months I stay up here in Dundee, despite being from Glasgow, as by now I […]

  • Charting New Waters – Gallery Exhibition

    Yesterday, I found myself at the McManus Gallery in the Centre of Dundee. I had heard of the new exhibition ‘Charting New Waters‘ and it seemed fascinating, so I figured I’d head over to take a look. The exhibition has a collection of model ships, paintings and even a pair of shoes. It celebrates Dundee’s […]

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  • Beautiful Dundee

    So, some people may know that Dundee was competing to win City of Culture 2017. Unfortunately we didn’t win (Hull did, well done to them) but we certainly made a good effort and it has really highlighted the passion and variety in our city. I think this is important for students to realise as well […]

  • The Five K’s

    Hans, Why do you wear a turban? Does the colour of your turban represent something? How do you wear it? It’s interesting how a lot of people are curious to know about my religion. Since the day I have moved to Dundee, people have asked me about my turban, which obviously led us to talk […]

  • Things I would like to blame for my absence

    Ceilidh dancing, Pitlochry Highland games, a lot of pot luck, workshops in Edinburgh and Glasgow, 9-5 lectures and AcroYoga- I would blame all these things for my absence from the blog… Apologies! 😀 Orientation week started off good with meeting my new tutors, course mates and people from around the campus. Surprisingly I haven’t been […]

  • Dundee Student Travels Back in Time: Meets Younger Self

    Ok. I’m not literally travelling back in time. Physics students and Dr Who-vians can relax. Schrodinger’s Cat is still in its box and I have yet to meet a six-foot bunny named Frank (Donnie Darko anyone?). (This may all change in fresher’s week…!!) Who I am, is a grown man that has decided to head […]

  • The West House

    I have now visited The West House twice. This is pretty disgraceful given how long it has been open and how long I’ve lived in Dundee. Anyway, I thought I’d write a quick review of it. Today, I had the duo of Salmon followed by a Greek salad main course. The salmon was delicious. The […]

  • The city of “Jute, Jam and Journalism”

    Quarter past nine in the morning, totally hungover, I dragged myself out of the bed thinking it was a bad idea to go out last night especially when we have Principal’s welcome speech the next morning. Not being able to function properly, I forced myself to get ready and was there fifteen minutes late. To […]

  • planes, trains, and automobiles.

    Just as my fellow bloggers are settling in and exploring Dundee, I appear to have spent the last couple of weeks doing anything but!  I’m a keen traveller, and often get itchy feet staying in one place too long.  That is one of my favourite aspects of Dundee though; not only is it a great […]

  • Welcome!

    Hi everybody! I wanted to do a quick post to say welcome to all the new students at Dundee, and especially to all the new bloggers I am excited to read your posts and good luck with your first year at Dundee Uni! I do recommend that everyone starting (and even people who’ve been here […]