• A Year in Dundee

    I’ve spent two years in Dundee now, but I figured I’d take the time to reflect on this one. I’ve come up to Scotland from the very South East of England and in my first year I focused mostly on not feeling too homesick and trying to make it a home away from home. This […]

  • Sundee

    So far this year we have been blessed with some beautiful weather here in Dundee, so with the semester drawing to a close I’ve highlighted some places you can visit once those all-important exams are over and (hopefully) the sun is shining- after a celebratory drink and catching up on all that sleep, of course! […]

  • Dissertations!

    Hey everyone! Long time no blog, as I have been in somewhat of a dissertation-induced hibernation (i.e. only leaving my laptop to go to work and then straight back home again). This dissertation has been my baby for the past year and now it has finally flown the nest! Yay! I have now completed the […]

  • 2017-review so far

    We’re closing up on April, and the end of my Dundee-exchange is just around the corner (okay, it’s still 4 months away, but time flies. After getting this great idea from Courtney (read her post here) I decided to take a look at my year so far.   January 9.-16. After a lovely Christmas back […]

  • Time to Empty the Toy Box

    I believe university is a wonderful place to explore new ideas and challenge existing ones and my friend Hope Carolan, a DJCAD student, did exactly that recently by initiating a gathering outside of Caird Hall for the support of the UN conference for nuclear disarmament. Hope and thirteen others took to the streets adorned with paper […]

  • Pictish Stones

    If like me, you’re an ancient history nerd, it’ll come as good news that Dundee and its surrounding area is home to many ancient sites, and here are just a few of them! Martin’s Stone Martin’s Stone is a 6th Century Pictish stone that can be found in a field near Bridgefoot in Angus. I […]

  • The Dundee Dragon

    “Tempted at Pitempton, Draigled at Baldragon, Stricken at Strathmartin, And kill’d at Martin’s Stane.” Dundee is a city of dragons. It may not seem so, after all we are not known as “Dundee – The Misty Mountain” but rather “One City, Many Discoveries” – a tagline adopted from the historic ship in our silvery waters. […]

  • Volunteering in Dundee

    Hi there! In freshers week last September, I met different representatives for volunteer centers in Dundee at the Campus Green outside of DUSA. Right away I felt like I wouldn’t have the time for volunteer work this year and told myself I would get back to it later. As we know time flies, I felt […]

  • Team MSc Sustainability

    MSc Sustainability is made up of five and a half students. The half being a part-timer. It’s a small size, but I can, in fact, tell you it is a big reason why I love this unique program. Almost all our courses are taken together and, perhaps because of that, we have developed lasting friendships. […]

  • Dundonian Small Talk

    We’ve all experienced the eventual bane of any fresher, which is the seemingly endless strain of introductions made during fresher’s week. By the first class of the semester, you will have your entire life’s history and degree details poised on the tip of your tongue, so why not spice up this period somewhat and apply some […]